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1the mind with spiritual ideas, reconstructs the Judean religion, and reveals God and man as the Principle and

3idea of all good.

Understanding this fact in Christian Science, brings the peace symbolized by a dove; and this peace floweth

6as a river into a shoreless eternity. He who knew the foretelling Truth, beheld the forthcoming Truth, as it came up out of the baptism of Spirit, to enlighten and

9redeem mortals. Such Christians as John cognize the symbols of God, reach the sure foundations of time, stand upon the shore of eternity, and grasp and gather — in all

12glory — what eye hath not seen.

Is there infinite progression with man after the destruc- tion of mortal mind?

15Man is the offspring and idea of the Supreme Being, whose law is perfect and infinite. In obedience to this law, man is forever unfolding the endless beatitudes of

18Being; for he is the image and likeness of infinite Life, Truth, and Love.

Infinite progression is concrete being, which finite

21mortals see and comprehend only as abstract glory. As mortal mind, or the material sense of life, is put off, the spiritual sense and Science of being is brought to


Mortal mind is a myth; the one Mind is immortal. A mythical or mortal sense of existence is consumed

27as a moth, in the treacherous glare of its own flame — the errors which devour it. Immortal Mind is God, immortal good; in whom the Scripture saith "we live,

30and move, and have our being." This Mind, then, is not subject to growth, change, or diminution, but is the divine

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1intelligence, or Principle, of all real being; holding man forever in the rhythmic round of unfolding bliss,

3as a living witness to and perpetual idea of inexhaustible good.

In your book, Science and Health,(1) page 181, you

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