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15self, or Christ, was the Son of God; and that the mor- tal mind, not the immortal Mind, suffered. The human manifestation of the Son of God was called the Son of

18man, or Mary's son.

Please explain Paul's meaning in the text, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

21The Science of Life, overshadowing Paul's sense of life in matter, so far extinguished the latter as forever to quench his love for it. The discipline of the flesh is

24designed to turn one, like a weary traveller, to the home of Love. To lose error thus, is to live in Christ, Truth. A true sense of the falsity of material joys and sorrows,

27pleasures and pains, takes them away, and teaches Life's lessons aright. The transition from our lower sense of Life to a new and higher sense thereof, even though it be

30through the door named death, yields a clearer and nearer sense of Life to those who have utilized the present,

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1and are ripe for the harvest-home. To the battle- worn and weary Christian hero, Life eternal brings


Is a Christian Scientist ever sick, and has he who is sick been regenerated?

6The Christian Scientist learns spiritually all that he knows of Life, and demonstrates what he understands. God is recognized as the divine Principle of his being,

9and of every thought and act leading to good. His pur- pose must be right, though his power is temporarily lim- ited. Perfection, the goal of existence, is not won in a

12moment; and regeneration leading thereto is gradual, for it culminates in the fulfilment of this divine rule in Science: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father

15which is in heaven is perfect."

The last degree of regeneration rises into the rest of perpetual, spiritual, individual existence. The first

18feeble flutterings of mortals Christward are infantile and more or less imperfect. The new-born Christian Scientist must mature, and work out his own salvation.

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