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18way. First, be sure that your means for doing good are equal to your motives; then judge them by their fruits.

21If not ordained, shall the pastor of the Church of Christ, Scientist, administer the communion, — and shall members of a church not organized receive the


Our great Master administered to his disciples the Passover, or last supper, without this prerogative being

27conferred by a visible organization and ordained priest- hood. His spiritually prepared breakfast, after his resurrection, and after his disciples had left their nets

30to follow him, is the spiritual communion which Chris-

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1tian Scientists celebrate in commemoration of the Christ. This ordinance is significant as a type of the true worship,

3and it should be observed at present in our churches.

It is not indispensable to organize materially Christ's church. It is not absolutely necessary to ordain pas-

6tors and to dedicate churches; but if this be done, let it be in concession to the period, and not as a per- petual or indispensable ceremonial of the church. If

9our church is organized, it is to meet the demand, "Suffer it to be so now." The real Christian compact is love for one another. This bond is wholly spiritual

12and inviolate.

It is imperative, at all times and under every cir- cumstance, to perpetuate no ceremonials except as

15types of these mental conditions, — remembrance and love; a real affection for Jesus' character and example. Be it remembered, that all types employed in the ser-

18vice of Christian Science should represent the most spir- itual forms of thought and worship that can be made visible.

21Should not the teacher of Christian Science have our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," in his schoolroom and teach from it?

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