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15lege and to the practising students, yet but little time has been devoted to their answer. Further enlight- enment is necessary for the age, and a periodical de-

18voted to this work seems alone adequate to meet the requirement. Much interest is awakened and expressed on the subject of metaphysical healing, but in many

21minds it is confounded with isms, and even infidelity, so that its religious specialty and the vastness of its worth are not understood.

24It is often said, "You must have a very strong will- power to heal," or, "It must require a great deal of faith to make your demonstrations." When it is answered

27that there is no will-power required, and that something more than faith is necessary, we meet with an expression of incredulity. It is not alone the mission of Christian

30Science to heal the sick, but to destroy sin in mortal

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1thought. This work well done will elevate and purify the race. It cannot fail to do this if we devote our best

3energies to the work.

Science reveals man as spiritual, harmonious, and eter- nal. This should be understood. Our College should

6be crowded with students who are willing to consecrate themselves to this Christian work. Mothers should be able to produce perfect health and perfect morals in their

9children — and ministers, to heal the sick — by study- ing this scientific method of practising Christianity. Many say, "I should like to study, but have not suffi-

12cient faith that I have the power to heal." The healing power is Truth and Love, and these do not fail in the greatest emergencies.

15Materia medica says, "I can do no more. I have done all that can be done. There is nothing to build upon. There is no longer any reason for hope." Then

18metaphysics comes in, armed with the power of Spirit, not matter, takes up the case hopefully and builds on the stone that the builders have rejected, and is suc-


Metaphysical therapeutics can seem a miracle and a mystery to those only who do not understand the grand

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