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24I never dreamed, until informed thereof, that a loyal student did not take his textbook with him into the class- room, ask questions from it, answer them according to

27it, and, as occasion required, read from the book as au- thority for what he taught. I supposed that students had followed my example, and that of other teachers,

30sufficiently to do this, and also to require their pupils to study the lessons before recitations.

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1To omit these important points is anomalous, con- sidering the necessity for understanding Science, and

3the present liability of deviating from Christian Science. Centuries will intervene before the statement of the inex- haustible topics of that book become sufficiently under-

6stood to be absolutely demonstrated. The teacher of Christian Science needs continually to study this textbook. His work is to replenish thought, and to spiritualize human

9life, from this open fount of Truth and Love.

He who sees most clearly and enlightens other minds most readily, keeps his own lamp trimmed and burning.

12He will take the textbook of Christian Science into his class, repeat the questions in the chapter on Recapitula- tion, and his students will answer them from the same

15source. Throughout his entire explanations, the teacher should strictly adhere to the questions and answers con- tained in that chapter of "Science and Health with Key

18to the Scriptures." It is important to point out the lesson to the class, and to require the students thor- oughly to study it before the recitations; for this spirit-

21ualizes their thoughts. When closing his class, the teacher should require each member to own a copy of the above-named book and to continue the study of this


The opinions of men cannot be substituted for God's revelation. It must not be forgotten that in times past,

27arrogant ignorance and pride, in attempting to steady the ark of Truth, have dimmed the power and glory of the Scriptures, to which this Christian Science textbook

30is the Key.

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