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That teacher does most for his students who most divests himself of pride and self, spiritualizes his own

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1thought, and by reason thereof is able to empty his stu- dents' minds, that they may be filled with Truth.

3Beloved students, so teach that posterity shall call you blessed, and the heart of history shall be made glad!

6Can fear or sin bring back old beliefs of disease that have been healed by Christian Science?

The Scriptures plainly declare the allness and oneness

9of God to be the premises of Truth, and that God is good: in Him dwelleth no evil. Christian Science au- thorizes the logical conclusion drawn from the Scriptures,

12that there is in reality none besides the eternal, infinite God, good. Evil is temporal: it is the illusion of time and mortality.

15This being true, sin has no power; and fear, its coeval, is without divine authority. Science sanctions only what is supported by the unerring Principle of being. Sin can

18do nothing: all cause and effect are in God. Fear is a belief of sensation in matter: this belief is neither main- tained by Science nor supported by facts, and exists only

21as fable. Your answer is, that neither fear nor sin can bring on disease or bring back disease, since there is in reality no disease.

24Bear in mind, however, that human consciousness does not test sin and the fact of its nothingness, by believing that sin is pardoned without repentance and reforma-

27tion. Sin punishes itself, because it cannot go unpun- ished either here or hereafter. Nothing is more fatal than to indulge a sinning sense or consciousness for even one

30moment. Knowing this, obey Christ's Sermon on the Mount, even if you suffer for it in the first instance, —

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1are misjudged and maligned; in the second, you will reign with him.

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