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24reality that Mind controls the body. They acknowledge an erring or mortal mind, but believe it to be brain mat- ter. That man is the idea of infinite Mind, always perfect

27in God, in Truth, Life, and Love, is something not easily accepted, weighed down as is mortal thought with mate- rial beliefs. That which never existed, can seem solid

30substance to this thought. It is much easier for people to believe that the body affects the mind, than that the mind affects the body.

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1We hear from the pulpits that sickness is sent as a discipline to bring man nearer to God, — even though

3sickness often leaves mortals but little time free from complaints and fretfulness, and Jesus cast out disease as evil.

6The most of our Christian Science practitioners have plenty to do, and many more are needed for the ad- vancement of the age. At present the majority of the

9acute cases are given to the M. D.'s, and only those cases that are pronounced incurable are passed over to the Scientist. The healing of such cases should cer-

12tainly prove to all minds the power of metaphysics over physics; and it surely does, to many thinkers, as the rapid growth of the work shows. At no distant day,

15Christian healing will rank far in advance of allopathy and homoeopathy; for Truth must ultimately succeed where error fails.

18Mind governs all. That we exist in God, perfect, there is no doubt, for the conceptions of Life, Truth, and Love must be perfect; and with that basic truth we con-

21quer sickness, sin, and death. Frequently it requires time to overcome the patient's faith in drugs and mate- rial hygiene; but when once convinced of the uselessness

24of such material methods, the gain is rapid.

It is a noticeable fact, that in families where laws of health are strictly enforced, great caution is observed

27in regard to diet, and the conversation chiefly confined to the ailments of the body, there is the most sickness. Take a large family of children where the mother has

30all that she can attend to in keeping them clothed and fed, and health is generally the rule; whereas, in small

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