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Friends and Brethren: — Your Sunday Lesson, com-

18posed of Scripture and its correlative in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," has fed you. In addi- tion, I can only bring crumbs fallen from this table of

21Truth, and gather up the fragments.

It has long been a question of earnest import, How shall mankind worship the most adorable, but most

24unadored, — and where shall begin that praise that shall never end? Beneath, above, beyond, methinks I hear the soft, sweet sigh of angels answering, "So live, that

27your lives attest your sincerity and resound His praise."

Music is the harmony of being; but the music of Soul affords the only strains that thrill the chords of feeling

30and awaken the heart's harpstrings. Moved by mind, your many-throated organ, in imitative tones of many

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1instruments, praises Him; but even the sweetness and beauty in and of this temple that praise Him, are earth's

3accents, and must not be mistaken for the oracles of God. Art must not prevail over Science. Christianity is not superfluous. Its redemptive power is seen in sore trials,

6self-denials, and crucifixions of the flesh. But these come to the rescue of mortals, to admonish them, and plant the feet steadfastly in Christ. As we rise above the seem-

9ing mists of sense, we behold more clearly that all the heart's homage belongs to God.

More love is the great need of mankind. A pure af-

12fection, concentric, forgetting self, forgiving wrongs and forestalling them, should swell the lyre of human love.

Three cardinal points must be gained before poor

15humanity is regenerated and Christian Science is dem- onstrated: (1) A proper sense of sin; (2) repentance; (3) the understanding of good. Evil is a negation: it

18never started with time, and it cannot keep pace with eternity. Mortals' false senses pass through three states and stages of human consciousness before yielding error.

21The deluded sense must first be shown its falsity through a knowledge of evil as evil, so-called. Without a sense of one's oft-repeated violations of divine law, the in-

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