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24dividual may become morally blind, and this deplorable mental state is moral idiocy. The lack of seeing one's deformed mentality, and of repentance therefor, deep,

27never to be repented of, is retarding, and in certain mor- bid instances stopping, the growth of Christian Scientists. Without a knowledge of his sins, and repentance so severe

30that it destroys them, no person is or can be a Christian Scientist.

Mankind thinks either too much or too little of sin.

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1The sensitive, sorrowing saint thinks too much of it: the sordid sinner, or the so-called Christian asleep, thinks too

3little of sin.

To allow sin of any sort is anomalous in Christian Scientists, claiming, as they do, that good is infinite, All.

6Our Master, in his definition of Satan as a liar from the beginning, attested the absolute powerlessness — yea, nothingness — of evil: since a lie, being without founda-

9tion in fact, is merely a falsity; spiritually, literally, it

is nothing.

Not to know that a false claim is false, is to be in danger

12of believing it; hence the utility of knowing evil aright, then reducing its claim to its proper denominator, — nobody and nothing. Sin should be conceived of only

15as a delusion. This true conception would remove mortals' ignorance and its consequences, and advance the second stage of human consciousness, repentance. The first

18state, namely, the knowledge of one's self, the proper knowledge of evil and its subtle workings wherein evil seems as real as good, is indispensable; since that which

21is truly conceived of, we can handle; but the misconcep- tion of what we need to know of evil, — or the concep- tion of it at all as something real, — costs much. Sin

24needs only to be known for what it is not; then we are its master, not servant. Remember, and act on, Jesus' definition of sin as a lie. This cognomen makes it less

27dangerous; for most of us would not be seen believing in, or adhering to, that which we know to be untrue. What would be thought of a Christian Scientist who be-

30lieved in the use of drugs, while declaring that they have no intrinsic quality and that there is no matter? What

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