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Comparable opportunities are afforded to all

Athletic Handbook13


The school administration is responsible for adherence to these regulations.  The school may be subject for violations.  The administration as well as the coaches/sponsors have the right to limit attendance at open gyms for students from their own school district as well as others in the community.

The objective and purpose of any sport and/or summer program is to provide opportunity for all student-athletes to improve and to prepare their teams and themselves for the up-coming season.  We must all keep in mind the following guidelines:


Any summer conditioning program must follow the guidelines of the SIJHSAA and, preferably, the IHSA


The coordination of the program and events should be through the Athletic Director


The program is open to head coaches specifically, and hired assistants if necessary


The program is open to all students who attend VGS (not just designated athletes)


Student attendance is optional and not required for season participation


Conditioning and not coaching, will be stressed.  Reasonable time spent conditioning must be kept in mind


Programs will be evaluated annually by athletic director and principal.  

No Pass-No Play Policy (Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility)

As a result of House Bill 452 and pursuant to Section 10-20.30 of the Illinois School Code, VGS has adopted the following policy:  To be eligible to participate in any school-supported athletic and or extra-curricular activity, the student may be failing no more than one class as indicated by the weekly teacher report to be turned in to the Athletic Director on every Friday.  

If the above criterion is not met, a student is placed on probation until the next weekly grade report.  The student may participate in all athletic events during the probationary week.  However, if a student is failing more than one class after the probationary week, the student-athlete is then ineligible for the following week’s activities, or until the student-athlete can meet the academic requirements during that week for the following week.  Case by case exceptions will be handled by the administration.

A second week of not meeting academic standards will result in another week of ineligibility.  A third week of not meeting academic standards applied to our student-athletes will result in a student being qualified as academically ineligible for the remainder of the athletic season that they are currently participating in.  If a student-athlete participates in more than sport, their eligibility would be determined by (a) their nine week grade report or (b) their next weekly grade report that falls within the current sport season.  If a new season begins the week of or the week after the nine week grade report, a student-athlete may be placed on academic probation for a week to determine their athletic eligibility for the following week and so on.  

It is the responsibility of the teachers to turn in the reports.  It is the responsibility of the athletic director to verify a student’s eligibility.  It is also the responsibility of the coaches to verify eligibility as well as enforce the academic eligibility standards.  We feel that this eligibility procedure provides us a better opportunity to monitor the academic standing of our student athletes.  We also feel that this procedure provides a better transition into I.H.S.A. standards that student athletes will have to adhere to at the high school level.  

It is also important to note that the participation privilege in VGS athletics may be at the discretion of the coaching staff regarding a player’s academic status.  In other words, poor academic progress and or behavioral issues in the classroom may result in a loss of playing time even though a student may not be determined to be academically ineligible.  Communication between teachers, coaches, administration and parents is key to better ensuring that our

student athletes understand that academics are always first and foremost important.  This also applies to how a student athlete conducts themselves in school as well as in the community.  

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