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Athletic Handbook17

Ground Rules to Exclude a Student-Athlete From a Sport

Ground rules for boards of education to follow in excluding a student-athlete from a sport must pass a three-pronged test:


the assigned coach and board of education must have a written policy setting forth behavior code and penalties.


the rules must be clearly communicated to the students


must give the student-athlete a due-process hearing allowing the student-athlete an opportunity to explain themselves

Different extra-curricular activities may have different rules within one school.  Rules do not have to be allowed by the Board of Education, but do have to be written.  All head coaches will sign a copy of this rule as proof they have received this notice.

Administrative Procedures – Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities

This code of conduct applies to all school-sponsored activities that are neither part of an academic class nor otherwise carry credit or a grade.  Sponsors shall create a roster of students who are members or participants in an extracurricular activity and maintain attendance records.

The goal of the extracurricular program is to provide opportunities for students to pursue interests and develop life skills beyond the classroom.  An additional goal of the athletic program is to develop the physical skills of student-athletes, which will allow them to compete at the best of their ability within the School Board policies and the by-laws of any association of which the school is member.

Members must conduct themselves at all times, including after school and on days school is not in session, as good citizens, and exemplars of their school – they must behave in ways that are consistent with good sportsmanship, leadership, and appropriate moral conduct.  They are expected to demonstrate good citizenship, and exemplary conduct in the classroom, in the community, and during all facets of the activity.

The Code of Conduct below describes the expectations and goals of the extracurricular and athletic programs.  This Code does not contain a complete list of inappropriate behaviors for students in extracurricular activities and athletics.  The Code of Conduct will be enforced 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  A student may be excluded from activities or competition while the school is conducting an investigation regarding the student’s conduct.  Any student on an out-of-school suspension will not be eligible to participate in any games and or competition while on that suspension.  

Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to seek assistance from the student assistance program regarding alcohol, tobacco, or other drug problems.  Family-referrals or self-referrals will be taken into consideration in determining consequences for Code of Conduct violations.

Code of Conduct

A student participating in an activity or athletic program will be subject to disciplinary action if he or she violates this Code of Conduct for Extracurricular Activities.  Violations will be treated cumulatively, with disciplinary penalties increasing with subsequent violations.

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