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Epilogue and Final Thoughts: Tips for being a supportive parent/guardian

As with all of our scholastic programs at VGS, success has been a product of the strong learning community that exists throughout District #55.  Parental/Guardian support is very important to the success of the VGS athletic and extra-curricular programs.  In other words, the vision of a strong learning community must also exist in the world of extra-curricular activities.  

To make this cooperative effort the most rewarding for the student-athletes, parents, and coaches, the following are a few suggestions for building and maintaining a positive learning community amongst our extra-curricular programs:


BE POSITIVE:  Do not let issues like playing time etc., become such a negative that our focus sways from the positive messages that can be delivered.  


BE SUPPORTIVE OF THE COACHING STAFF IN FRONT OF OUR STUDENT-ATHLETES AND IN THE PUBLIC: Negative support can certainly affect the performance of our student-athletes.  While it is impossible to keep everyone happy all of the time, our coaches are working very hard to accommodate, as well as putting our teams in position to win.


BE PART OF A PARENT NETWORK:  Parents need support also.  Be positive and communicate in an appropriate manner to coaches and parents.


WINNING AND LOSING:  Winning and losing is an important part of athletics.  VGS takes are great deal of pride in winning, as well as learning from losing a contest.  However, preparing for competition as well as playing the game the right way, are the most important factors in our vision to ensure personal growth for our student-athletes.


EXPECTATIONS:  High expectations are always a sign of a solid athletic program.  We must, however, be realistic as parents, coaches, athletes and teams.  One person’s promise and potential does not necessarily apply to every student-athlete.  Nor does past success always roll over into future team successes.  Remember that a junior high athletic program is not meant to place the amount of pressure on athletes, coaches and parents that a high school or college program places on winning and individual accomplishments.  

There is no substitute for a cooperative effort between players, parents and coaches to better ensure a positive learning community.  The success of the VGS athletic programs are not dictated by the athletes alone.  We all have to work together in the most positive way.

If the contributions of any, is less than the total, everyone stands to lose.  VGS has had tremendous support for our student-athletes from the Board of Education, Administration, faculty, staff, parents, community and coaches in the past.  We thank you for your support and remind you that future success will only

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