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Managing Your UIA Tax Accounts Made Easier with

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MiWAM makes doing business with the UIA faste , more efficient and more user-friendly. It allows employers and service providers to perform routine transactions such as filing reports, paying taxes, viewing statements and updating unemployment tax account information online with 24-hour access.

For employers, managing accounts with MiWAM is secure, it’s more accurate, processing is quicke , and it allows for more real-time interaction with UIA staff. For the UIA, MiWAM helps reduce the costs of processing certifications, lowers paper and scanning costs and lessens keypunching and other errors.

Visit the UIA website at michigan.gov/uia for an instructional online “Toolkit” that includes information to help ensure an easy transition to MiWAM. In the toolkit you’ll find logon instructions, bulk filing formats, contact information for technical support, and much more.

MiWAM also makes applying for Work Opportunity Tax Credits easier. Visit michigan.gov/uia to view or download the MiWAM for WOTC Toolkit or for more information about WOTC.

Frequently Asked Questions About MiWAM

  • Q.

    What happens when I register for MiWAM?

  • A.

    When you register for MiWAM you will receive a

10-day temporary password granting you limited access to your account within minutes. The temporary password allows you to make payments, file reports, update your user profile and even view the UIA employer handbook.You will receive your permanent authorization code in the mail within 10 days of sign up.

Q. What happens if I lost or never received my authorization code?

A. If you do not have an authorization code after your 10-day password expires, you must request a new authorization code be mailed to you.You will not be able to log on to MiWAM without an authorization code.

  • Q.

    If I am currently registered with EWAM, do I have to re-register with MiWAM?

  • A.

    Most employers will not be required to re-register. However, service providers must re-register. Service

providers will receive a call from UIA to assist them with conversion to MiWAM.

  • Q.

    Will I be able to protest a determination or respond to Agency correspondence through MiWAM?

  • A.

    Yes. Click on the account services tab to either protest a determination or respond to any open fact

finding issues.


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