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Frequently Asked Questions cont d from page 2

  • Q.

    Will Service Providers be able to access their client’s account and perform functions on their behalf?

  • A.

    Yes.When registering for MiWAM, there is the option to establish an Employer Representative web account.

  • Q.

    Where can I find out more about how to use MiWAM?

  • A.

    You can find a MiWAM Toolkit on the UIA website at michigan.gov/uia.The toolkit will provide you with the

information you need to successfully navigate MiWAM including step-by-step instructions for logging on to MiWAM, specs for setting up new bulk filing formats for companies with 25 or more employees, and much more.

  • Q.

    Who do I contact if I have questions or need help with the system?

  • A.

    Contact the Office of Employer Ombudsman at 1-855-4UIAOEO or (313) 456-2300 or by email at

OEO@michigan.gov. For technical support, please contact (313) 456-2188 or MiWAMsupport@michigan.gov.

Manage Your Account Your Way

The new upgraded functionality of MiWAM provides three different options for managing your UIA tax account. If you’re an employer who performs management tasks yourself; if you have a representative in your company who does it; or if you employ the services of a professional employer organization (PEO), MiWAM will work for you.

When registering for MiWAM, there are three different types of sign-up options for employers:

Standard employer – this option allows employers who are currently registered with the State of Michigan for Michigan unemployment taxes to manage their UIA Tax account through MiWAM.

Added user – employers may select this option to grant access to a representative (usually an employee of the company) to view, change or submit information relating to the MiWAM account(s).

Employer representative – this option is for employers who employ the services of someone outside of their company (a professional employer organization, or an accountant) to manage their UIA tax accounts on their behalf. This option requires a Power of Attorney.

Once a new user has completed the registration process for MiWAM, they will receive a 10-day temporary password granting limited access to their account. The temporary password allows the user to make payments, file reports, update the user profile, and view the UIA employer handbook.The user will receive their permanent authorization code in the mail within 10 days of signing up. For more information on sign up options, or registering for MiWAM, refer to Logon Instructions found in the MiWAM toolkit on the UIA website at michigan.gov/uia.


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