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Volume 2005 Issue 2

March/April 2005


Message from the President

Dear Mews Owners and Residents,

On Saturday after a busy afternoon of doing "errands" in terrible traffic along the Route 7 corridor, I took a left into north Fairlington and entered the relative quiet of our community.

As I approached a stop sign, I happened to look up at the sky and saw what appeared to be a bald eagle. I kept peering at the bird as it was flying away and almost rolled into a young woman who was trying to pass in front of me at the intersection. As an explanation of the almost homicide, I told her I thought I had just seen a bald eagle. Instead of yelling at me, which she every right to do, she smiled and said she had also been watching it, thereby confirming my sighting.

So why the story? To begin with, I thought seeing a bald eagle within five miles of our nation's capital was pretty impressive. And the fact that two strangers could share that moment with a smile spoke to me about the friendliness of Fairlington. Then in Sunday's paper there was an article about early signs of spring, one of which is the return of osprey "often mistaken for bald eagles when seen in the distance." So much for the young woman's and my eyesight!

Whether bald eagle or osprey, there are signs of spring changes in Fairlington. Daffodils are waiting for the first warm day to pop, the grass is getting greener, and tree buds are filling out. Some changes have taken place with the Mews board of directors.

Ben Margin has agreed to take over as secretary. Sher Opal, the Legum and Norman property manager, has

announced she is taking on a new project and will no longer be managing the Mews and Fairlington Green. The Mews board

is waiting for more information from Legum and Norman as to her replacement. We have been assured there will be a smooth transition, with Ms. Opal helping the new manager for a few months.

Some of you may have heard that Arlington was considering taking over the management of commercial trash collection which would include Fairlington Mews. On Tuesday, March 1, I attended a meeting concerning this possibility. The latest update is elsewhere in this newsletter as well as on the Fairlington web site.

Recently I received an email from a Fairlington Glen resident complimenting the Mews News. She said she uses it as an example of how a newsletter should look. Tom Corbin and Ron Patterson are the people responsible for the Mews News;  Ron also keeps the Mews web site (along with many others) up and running and Tom is Co-Chair of our Landscape Committee. Thanks to both of you for a job well done.

Lastly, this is an early reminder of the June 28 annual meeting. There will be three vacancies on the board, two 3-year terms and one 1-year term, so please think about running. More information will be in the next newsletter.

Gretchen Martin


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