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Arlington County Alters Plans Regarding Trash Collection Takeover

Arlington County is in the process of revising its plans in the County’s consideration of study recommendations regarding the franchising of trash collection in the county, especially as it impacts on multi-family communities such as Fairlington.

The current situation regarding the trash franchising proposal can be summarized as follows:

The County Board consideration of trash franchising will not take place at the March 12 Board meeting as earlier planned.

The public hearing tentatively scheduled for the May 7 County Board meeting will not take place.

A feasibility study regarding trash franchising will be undertaken by the County and this study will begin this year and be completed by the end of this year.

Any public hearings prior to the issuance by the County of a "five-year notice of intent to implement solid waste franchising" will not be scheduled at this time.

Decisions regarding the issuance of the five-year notice may be dependent on pending legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly and currently residing on the desk of the Governor. This legislation will go into

effect on July 1, 2005 if signed by the Governor and will require the County to meet specific criteria prior to issuing the notice.

Here is a summary of the recently passed bill (Full text at: www.fairlington.org/ArlingtonSWMP.htm):

Displacement of private waste companies. Adds requirements to the procedures localities must follow before displacing private companies providing garbage, trash, or refuse collection services. Such requirements include making a written finding of at least one of the following:

(i) privately-owned refuse collection and disposal services are not available;

(ii) the use of privately-owned and operated services has substantially endangered the public health or created a public nuisance;

(iii) privately-owned services, although available, are not able to provide needed services in a reasonable and cost-efficient manner;

(iv) or displacement is necessary to provide for the development or operation of a regional system of refuse collection or disposal for two or more localities.

For more details, please read the news release (Overview of Solid Waste Management Plan) from the County along with the complete "Solid Waste Management Plan" (SWMP) and updates on this issue provided on the website at:


Citizen Forum on Permit Parking Scheduled On March 14

Arlington County has conducted over a year of community outreach related to the Residential Permit Parking Program and now is proposing changes related to who is eligible to participate in zoned parking, what areas may be zoned, how the program is managed and enforced, visitor passes and hours that zoned parking is in effect.

Before bringing these changes to the County Board for review and approval, County staff is seeking public input on their proposed recommendations.

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