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The County has scheduled the following "Citizen Forum" on this topic in Fairlington (other meetings are scheduled throughout the County - for more information, check the Fairlington web site at:


March 14 - 7-9 pm Evening Community Meeting Fairlington Community Center 3308 South Stafford Street

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Many of you already have visited and made good use of this Community web site - www.fairlington.org.  Here are some helpful links:

Mews Handbook  www.fairlington.org/mewshand.htm

Board Minutes/Newsletters www.fairlington.org/mewsindex.htm

Condominium Resources Site www.fairlington.org/condoresourcepage.htm

Emergency Preparedness Page www.fairlington.org/emergencypreparedness.htm




Landscape Committee

Members of the Mews Landscape Committee held their regular monthly meeting on January 18, with the gardening seminar on February 16, “Gardening in Small Spaces”, substituting for its February meeting.  Residents are reminded that any Mews co-owner may become a member of our committee.  Please contact Lori or Tom to confirm the exact meeting dates and time.

Committee members and grounds personnel conducted commons area “walk arounds” on February 7 and 9 to determine the spring/ summer landscape needs.  Residents who submitted requests by February 15 (as announced in the last newsletter) or who had made requests last fall will

receive attention during the spring work.  A proposal for spring work will be presented to the Board of Directors on March 29.  Residents with special requests for future landscape removals, replacements, or additions should submit their needs to the committee by July 15 for attention during the fall season.  Installation is dependent on available funds.

Plant materials installed in the fall that did not survive the winter will be replaced during the spring months. Please remember to water any new landscape additions when there is insufficient rain.

Residents will receive copies of the 2005 Flower Bed Waiver form and a Landscape Modification form with materials to be mailed by management for 2005 recreation/ pool passes.  These forms will also be available to download from the Fairlington Mews community page at www.fairlington.org. Flower Bed Waiver forms need to be completed and filed annually.

The King Street Photinia hedge row was cleaned in early February by grounds personnel.  We have been carefully monitoring the health of the plants there and hope for some renewal this spring. Fairlington Villages’ Photinia has been attacked by the same fungus as ours, and they are planning to remove and install hollies to replace the diseased Photinia.  This may be a future, necessary step for the Mews hedge buffering the 36th Street residences along King Street.

Residents are advised that the recent “reduction/ rejuvenation” pruning on euonymus, spirea, Japanese hollies, and yews was announced in the January newsletter. Crape Myrtles were deadheaded and shaped.  This is part of an ongoing program to renew the shrubs without replacing them.  This year many overgrown shrubs were lowered below window sills; they will respond with new, vigorous growth in the spring growing season.  Yews will be the slowest to rejuvenate.  Next year the shrubs will be “pocket pruned” and shaped to eliminate the “sheared” appearance which characterizes our shrubs


Tree work, to include spring fertilization and disease suppression treatment, will be performed by Thrive (tree specialists) under the direction of Ron Rubin at the proper times this spring.

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