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In this issue we are including a description of board, committee, and resident responsibilities relating to the common areas.

Contact Tom Corbin (tomrcor@aol.com) or Lori Olivas (lorolivas@comcast.net) for more information and include “Mews Landscape” in the subject box.  

Recreation Committee

As the snow is melting and flowers are struggling toward the springtime sunshine, our thoughts naturally turn to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

You will be happy to know that the Mews Recreation Committee is hard at work updating the Recreation Pass form, and working with World Pool (who will be returning to the Mews for their fourth summer) to open the pool on Memorial Day weekend.

Watch your mail slot: we expect the Recreation Pass forms will be mailed out in early April, possibly with the Flower Bed Waiver form. If you are a renter these forms will come to your owner; if you are a non-resident owner, please make copies of forms and get them to your renters.

You can also get a form from Ann Timmons, Recreation Committee Chair - just e-mail ann@anntimmons.com or call 703-820-9589 and leave a message. We also hope to have a downloadable form available on the Mews web site in April.

To ensure that you get your actual Pool Pass in a timely fashion, the Recreation Committee requests you get the form to us by May 9th, 2005.

Please remember that the Recreation Committee is made up of fellow Mews volunteers who cheerfully process these passes in order to keep your costs - and monthly fees - down. Other condo communities in Fairlington pay their management company to have this done, which the Mews Recreation Committee will consider this year if too many applications come in after the deadline. See you at the pool!

Ann Timmons

Neighborly Reminders

Storage of Items in Common Areas

With the recent reduction in size and height of shrubs, many items formerly hidden behind them have been revealed!  These are unsightly!  Please remember that Mews Rules and Regulations prohibit the storage of personal items in common areas; this includes the mulched beds surrounding units as well as the stairwells. Please remove and store or trash such items.

Soffits and Facias (All You Want to Know!)

The roof’s overhang where it transitions to the siding is prone to leakage, particularly as a result of winter damage.  The “soffit” (just behind the gutter) and the “facia” board (underneath the gutter) suffer when gutters back up and leak into the wood causing rot. Check these areas on your unit, and report any potential problems to management.

Tell tale signs of leakage are


Appearance of brown-tinged stains through the paint


Peeling and “bubbling” paint


Buckling of the wood beneath the gutter


Leaking gutters particularly at seams or from clogs that cause water to back against the facia board instead of draining out the downspout

Trash Update

Residents may have noticed that Jeffrey’s Trash appears early one day and late the next.  Reported “sightings” have been as early as 8:00 AM and then again late into the afternoon.  Trash regulations call for trash to be placed on the stoop or front sidewalk by 7:00 AM.  Following this regulation ensures the pick up of your daily trash.

Trash pickup is scheduled for Monday – Saturday (except for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day) and should not be put out except at the prescribed times so it does not attract squirrels, crows, and other rodents – e.g., rats.  Trash, when spread by rodents or the elements, presents tripping and health hazards.  On an aesthetic note, residents don’t like the appearance of trash left out for extended periods of time.

Large item pick up occurs the first Saturday of the month unless that Saturday is one of the trash pick up “exempt” days. Remember, a good neighbor picks up any loose trash on the street or in the courtyards!

Summer Mowings

Grass cutting is to begin April 1.  Residents are reminded that grounds personnel will mow on Thursdays or Fridays, weather permitting.  Please put your trash on your stoop or the sidewalk adjacent to your unit so the lawn crew does

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