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not have to relocate trash to mow the lawns.

Pet Rules and Regulations

Several residents’ have expressed concerns about the increase of animal waste on common areas and of unleashed animals in the Mews common areas. No matter how friendly your dog is, he/ she may become “spooked” by another animal, a vehicle, or a walker which could result in injury to the animal or a resident.

Remember Arlington County Law requires that all animals be on a leash when outside.  Dog owners are also required by law to pick up and properly to dispose of all pet wastes.

Cats, for their safety and health, need to be kept inside.  Cat feces in common beds can spread disease and attract rodents.  Free roaming cats are also detrimental to the decreasing bird population.

Arlington County Animal Control may be reached at 703-931-9241.

Circuit Breakers

Perhaps you have lost power to a portion of your unit and were uncertain about the cause.  Most likely it is a problem with a “tripped” circuit breaker.  Residents should know the location of their breaker boxes; in townhouses and two-level apartments, it is located in the basement.  To reset your breaker, find the one out of alignment with the others (all breakers should either be in the “on” or “off” position). Turn it off and then reset it on.  

Continuing problems with a breaker may mean you have an overloaded or weak circuit.  First, try reducing the load on the circuit.  If that doesn’t work, call a licensed electrician as there may be a short in the line or a bad breaker. (Information courtesy “North Fairlington News”, February, 2005, p. 3)

Proposed Mews Community Day

Mews President (acting) Gretchen Martin has suggested a Mews Community Day to be held in May near the time of the opening of the pool.  This day would be set aside for clean up in the commons areas (such as picking up loose trash, debris, etc.), planting annuals at the pool house; and sprucing up the community in general.  Refreshments at the pool house area would end the day.  

Gretchen’s thinking is that this would be a good opportunity to foster community involvement and meeting

neighbors.  The catch? We need someone to coordinate the day and to organize and plan the event.  Those who are interested should contact Gretchen Martin at 703-933-1368. Details would be given in the May/June newsletter.




Complete, detailed Mews Board Minutes can be found on the Fairlington Web Site at the Mews Home Page:


January 25, 2005

Gretchen Martin welcomed Ann Noonan to the board; Ann is filling out the term of Gedeon Werner who resigned in the fall.

Minutes were approved for July 27, 2004; October 26, 2004; and November 30, 2004.

Gretchen Martin mentioned the new assessments by the County, which were significantly higher than last year’s; she said that tax relief is available in certain cases upon petition to the county.

Management reported that the Mews received credit for the extra masonry work done in Court 1.

A motion was passed 5-0 to split the extra cost on the installation of the parking lot signs with Legum & Norman.

Tom Corbin reported that there was a deposit on the tree fertilizing program which takes place at different times for different species. He said that Environmental Enhancements had cleaned up the hedge along King Street. Gretchen and Tom discussed their efforts to determine who was actually in charge of cleaning up the area.

The board approved two forms from the landscaping committee to be distributed in the spring with the recreation pass application.

David Biette said that the contract for the pool was ready to be signed. Roger Taylor discussed options for repairing the tennis courts

Seth Low requested that the line item for “common elements” needs to be broken down for specific projects so that budgeting can be better and more accurate. The board agreed to try to get a draft budget out for review in mid-April which would be presented at the May meeting, for a vote at the annual meeting in June.

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