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The board passed a motion 5-0 to keep the cherry tree on the north side of Court 11.

The board passed a motion 4-1 to keep the three crape myrtles on the north side of Court 12, and not to remove one, and to trim all three

The board approved a holiday gift of $100 for the Engelking maintenance company

The board approved 5-0 a plumbing contract with Dwyer Plumbing for $14,400 to replace sewer lines in Court 14.

The board approved 5-0 the installation of two new electrical circuits for kitchen work at 4637A South 36th Street.

Timely Tips

By Sher Opal

Management Agent


Your Association Funds at Work

We need contact email addresses for Court 4 (Myrta and Ricardo Alonzo), Court 12 (Victoria Lipnik), and Court 13 (Joanne Herman).  Please forward an email contact address to sopal@legumnorman.com.

Continuing Maintenance Projects

Masonry Repairs: Masonry Repairs: Work will begin soon in Courts 8 through 15 to complete necessary brick repairs.  Seal Engineering, contractor, will distribute notices giving dates of work. Please clear stoops and close windows during work.

Exterior Painting:  Painting of door and trim work will be scheduled for Courts 12 through 15 beginning in June.  Again, look for notices of the paint schedule.

Concrete Repairs: An inspection of work needed in 2005 will be completed soon.

Roof Replacements: The Board will determine which roofs are slated for replacement this season.  There are still three asbestos tile roofs which need to be replaced.

Parking Lots/ Curbing: This work has been postponed until the Finance Committee completes its study of replacement reserve schedules.

Double Tennis Court Repairs: The Board recently approved the repair of surface cracks, the purchase of a new net, and the installation of a back board at the double courts near Mews Court 6.  Work is scheduled for this spring.

Sewer Relining:  Work will continue this summer on the remaining sewer relining project.

Community Bulletin Board

The Board has approved the installation of a community bulletin board at the single tennis court near the pool which will be used to advertise notices relating to community affairs.  

The Mews Association continues to improve communication to residents; the bulletin board will augment existing communication means: bimonthly newsletter, association website www.fairlington.org/mewsindex.htm, court rep contact, and direct mailings. Whereas the association makes every attempt to keep the community aware of necessary information, residents have the responsibility to read and be aware of all information communicated.

Management Q&A

Q: What resident maintenance items are not covered by my condo fee?

A:  The following items are the resident’s responsibility:


Outside faucets servicing units with cut off valves inside the unit


All plumbing, electrical, cable, or telephone lines servicing a unit, whether inside the wall, outside the unit, or in the unit


All windows, door, and door hardware; exterior painting of doors and trims is covered by the association


All outside light fixtures controlled by inside switches


Back- to- back kitchen sink back ups – owners affected share costs


Water intrusion problems occurring below ground surface level


Patio maintenance (See Rules and Regulations 6. Grounds. F. Patios in the Mews Handbook)


Any trash requiring special pick up needs not covered in the Mews Handbook

Note:  It is important for all residents to maintain the interiors of their units for the health and safety of the entire community. Interior electrical, structural, plumbing, or cleanliness issues may affect nearby residences.

Early Spring Gardening Tips

Do you find yourself staring longingly out the window searching for green?  Are you anxious to get your hands in the soil?  Are you plotting the size of the forsythia and cherry tree buds? Have you counted the daffodil buds?  If so, then, indeed, you have it – Spring Fever!

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