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Common Property.  The grounds are common property owned jointly by the council of co-owners; all common property is subject to the Fairlington Mews Rules of Conduct which are part of the by-laws. Landscaping in common areas may not be altered by residents without approval from the Board of Directors.

Resident’s Responsibilities

Plantings in Common Areas.  Residents must seek board approval prior to (1) removing any existing landscape item, (2) installing any new tree or shrub (annuals and perennials are excluded from this provision), (3) creating or enlarging any flower border, or (4) installing any ornamental feature or border (other than that specified in Section 9 of the Mews Handbook ). Any plant installed in common areas becomes the property of the Council of Co-Owners. Annuals and perennials may be installed in the existing mulched beds near a resident’s unit provided they are harmonious with existing plantings and are properly maintained. Any beds not maintained by the owner will be removed at the direction of the Board of Directors.  Vegetables are not permitted in common beds.  Vines are not allowed on fences or exterior building surfaces. See “Grounds Modification Request Form”.

Flower Beds.  Residents must submit an annual flower bed waiver form and install a reflector to indicate their maintenance of the flower bed. Improperly maintained beds are subject to removal. See “Flower Bed Waiver Form”.

Patios. Patios may be landscaped by the owner as provided in the By Laws and Rules of Conduct.  In general, patios must be kept neat and orderly; plantings should not grow more than 20 feet in height and should not damage structures or neighboring patios.  Residents need to consider the mature size of any plant installed.  The Board of Directors may require the removal of any patio plantings which are deemed inappropriate, are considered safety hazards, or interfere with structures or neighboring patios.

Individual Resident Plantings. Residents who desire to plant a tree or shrub at his/ her expense must receive permission from the committee in advance of installation.  See “Grounds Modification Request Form”.

March/April 2005Fairlington Mews Council of Co-Owners

Meeting Calendar

Board of DirectorsBoard Meetings are scheduled for March 29, April 26, May 24, and June 28 (Annual Meeting @ 7:00 PM, Fairlington Community Center


Board of Directors

PresidentGretchen Martin (Acting)4680 S. 34th Street(703) 933-1368

Vice PresidentGretchen Martin4680 S. 34th Street(703) 933-1368

TreasurerSeth Low4644 S. 34th Street(703) 379-0155

SecretaryBen Marglin4608 S. 36th Street(703) 671-7281

DirectorDavid Biette4638 S. 34th Street(703) 820-9589

DirectorAnn Noonan4674 S. 34th Street(703) 931-6964

Committee Chairs

LandscapeLori Olivas  4666 S. 36th Street(703) 379-4927

Tom Corbin4624 S. 34th Street(703) 931-0687

RecreationAnn Timmons4638 S. 34th Street(703) 820-9589

Joanne Herman4603 S. 36th Street(703) 931-5867

NewsletterTom Corbin/Ron Patterson4624 S. 34th Street(703) 931-0687

Carriage LampsJanice & Larry Peters4605 S. 36th Street(703) 578-4992

Court Representatives

1.   3600-3616 S. WakefieldTom Roberts3616 S. Wakefield Street(703) 820-1992

2.   4606-4630 S. 36thBen Marglin4608 S. 36th Street(703) 671-7281

3.   4632-4636 S. 36thStephen White4636B S. 36th Street(703) 820-2356

4.   4638-4654 S. 36thMyrta & Ricardo Alonzo4646B S. 36th Street(703) 824-0631

5.   4656-4674 S. 36thRenee Powlette4670B 36th Street(703) 671-2774

6.   4676-4698 S. 36thAnn Wilhelmsen4680A S. 36th Street(703) 931-9053

7.   4667-4671 S. 36thGordon Whyte4667A S. 36th Street(703) 578-4564

8.   4664-4686 S. 34thBrenda Camenzind4678 S. 34th Street(703) 671 1677

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