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SAP with Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Best Practices for High Availability, Maximum Performance, and Scalability4

Allows for scalability using standard commodity hardware. SQL Server 2005 is highly scalable and can allow for future growth by using standard commodity servers and storage. In addition, SQL Server 2005 takes advantage of the latest hardware architectures. mySAP on SQL Server 2005 can now run workload levels on four-processor commodity servers that, only four years ago, would have required a 32-processor server and a one-million dollar investment.

Offers the most compelling TCO. SQL Server offers the best TCO for SAP implementations, including lower management costs. Meta research concluded that Windows offers two to three times better TCO than other enterprise platforms when used in ERP scenarios3.

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition

SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive, integrated end-to-end data solution that delivers a reliable, secure, and productive platform for enterprise data and BI applications. SQL Server 2005 delivers new and improved features that are tightly integrated with mySAP products based on the following support considerations:

For SAP products, SQL Server 2005 uses Windows Server 2003, Service Pack 1 and later. SAP and SQL Server 2005 are supported on the 32-bit, Itanium 64 (IA64), and x64 computing platforms.

SQL Server 2005 is qualified for use on SAP products that run on the SAP 6.40 kernel and later. This includes SAP R/3 4.7E, most of the NetWeaver 2004 products such as mySAP ERP Central Component (ECC 5.0), mySAP™ Supply Chain Management (mySAP SCM 4.1), and SAP NetWeaver 2004S products. In particular, SAP supports SQL Server 2005 on SAP BW 3.5 and later.

SQL Server 2005 is not supported on products earlier than SAP Basis release 6.20. This includes the products with Basis release 4.6x, including releases 4.6B and 4.6C. In addition, SQL Server 2005 is not supported on SAP BW releases 3.0 and 3.1.

SQL Server is part of the Windows Server System™, a comprehensive and integrated server infrastructure that simplifies the development, deployment, and operation of information systems4.

3 For more information, see “Microsoft – SAP Customer Information Center” at http://microsoft-sap.com/

4 For more information, see “Microsoft SQL Server 2005” at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/2005/productinfo/overview.mspx

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