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Pattern Recognition Letters 14 (1993) 241-255 North-Holland

March 1993

11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition August 31 - September 3, 1992

On pattern, categories, and alternate realities

Laveen N. Kanal*

Institute for Advanced Computer Studies and Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA

This is the text of the talk given by the author on August 31, 1992 at the 11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition when the author received the King-Sun Fu award of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR).


I thank all the individuals involved in the nomination and selection process of IAPR for this honor of the 1992 King-Sun Fu award. In addition, I thank my many collaborators from all over the world over the last three decades, as this award also recognizes their contributions.

talking in a Chinese restaurant. In the years that followed we collaborated in the area of profes- sional activities in pattern recognition, working to- gether on various IEEE committees. An especially memorable event was the (first) workshop on pat- tern recognition organized by the IEEE Computer

If memory serves me correctly it was in the early summer of 1961 a little over 31 years ago that I first met King-Sun Fu. King-Sun had joined Purdue as an Assistant Professor in 1960 the year I received my Ph.D. and joined General Dynamics/ Electronics (GD/E). Thanks to the excitement generated by Frank Rosenblatt's Perceptrons, my dissertation titled Stochastic Models for Learning, and Alfred Wolf a former classmate, I had been hired by General Dynamics with the fancy title of Manager, Machine Intelligence Laboratory. It sounded important. In the summer of 1961, while King- Sun was working at IBM, he visited me. I don't remember what we talked about; what I do remember is that we spent a fair amount of time

King-Sun Fu Award

presented to

Laveen N. Kanal

for his fundamental contributions to Markov random field models, heuristic search strategies, hybrid linguistic-statistical models, and reasoning in uncertain domains.

  • *

    Preparation supported in part by NSF grant IR18802419 and

in part by LNK Corporation, Inc.

Elsevier Science Publishers Q_V.

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