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This is not something that happens often, but you should always disclaim this to the customer beforehand and ask the customer to waive any liability to you.

The duration of a reprogramming operation will vary between manufacturers and models. The shortest time may be less than a minute, with some of the abnormally long reprogramming operations exceeding an hour. The average is just under 15 minutes for the entire process. Before you start, remember you should be certain that you have a good battery in the vehicle or an external charger

Although unlikely, there is also a chance that the reprogramming operation on the vehicle could fail. It could fail due to faulty wiring/modules, low battery, or for some other reason. Some older vehicles, especially Class2 GM vehicles, may not be recoverable if you lose power to the module and the process fails. If the reprogramming does fail, it will take more time to update the vehicle. In the worst case scenario a new module may need to be ordered for the vehicle. If a reprogramming event fails, immediately retry the operation without disconnecting the J2534 tool. If a battery charger or jump pack was not used the first time, connect one and turn it on before you retry. Usually a failed attempt will complete successfully the second time. If you cannot get the reprogramming operation to succeed after repeated attempts, call the automaker’s support number to find out if there is any other way to recover the module. If all else fails, the module might be reprogrammable offboard.

Ford The FMP (Ford Module Programming) application is a user-friendly J2534 service. Visit www.motorcraftservice.com and download the reprogramming software. You’ll need to be connected to the Internet during the entire reprogramming operation. The cost to use FMP is $24.95 for a 72 hour period or $59.95 per month, so it is a very inexpensive way to start learning J2534-1. For this price you gain access to the latest calibrations, can perform module initialization (PATS), and can adjust certain parameters on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. The Ford application works on almost all OBD2 Ford vehicles that are 1996 or newer, . Ford modules typically reprogram quickly, and recover easily if you have a reprogramming failure. Figure 6 shows the J2534 configuration screen in FMP, and Figure 7 shows the J2534 programming screen.

GM Currently, General Motors vehicles can be reprogrammed using the TIS/SPS subscription service. This service is DVD-based, and DVD updates are mailed frequently through the year when you purchase the service. The DVD-based kit, part number OTC-3625-17, can be purchased for just under $1000 and includes one year of updates. Instructions for configuring TIS for a J2534 PassThru device should be available from your J2534 tool vendor.

You can reprogram as many vehicles as you want for the subscription cost. GM’s new service called TIS2WEB, already in use by GM dealerships, will be released to the aftermarket at the end of 2006. With TIS2WEB the aftermarket repair shop can get instant access to updates without buying a TIS DVD-based subscription. The GM

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