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2.7 Appreciate your health When a person is ill, he strongly wants to become well. He imagines that when he is cured he will feel constant happiness. But shortly after he is cured, he takes his good health for granted. (Chochmah Umussar, vol.2, p59)

Build up an appreciation for your health and the use of your body. Appreciate being able to walk and use your hands. Appreciate when you are free from pain. Even if someone has some handicap and limitation, there is so much to be grateful for. Keep developing your gratitude and you will increase your feelings of happiness.

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      Learn to appreciate things which are usually taken for granted.

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    When we have something for a long time, we usually take it for granted. From

the day we were born, we have breathed air and seen sunlight and the beauty of nature. We have had sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch for such a long time we have lost our appreciation for them. We take our daily pleasures and our intellectual attainments for granted. (Rabbi Noson Tzvi Finkel of Slobodka; Tnuas Hamussar, vol 3, pp.202-3)

2. Make it a daily practice to view the world as if you were created today. Mentally picture yourself coming into the world for the first time and observe everything with a freshness. This exercise can transform the mundane into a thrilling experience. (Rabbi Noson Tzvi Finkel; Ohr Hatzafun, vol.3, p.84)

Just reading this will not help. Set aside some time at least once to try this.

3. There is a great pleasure in appreciating the warmth and glow of the sun. Many people only appreciate daylight and sunshine when they feel satisfaction from some financial profit or have just received honor or other pleasures. When they are full of worries and misery from something they feel they are missing or because of envy, they overlook the light shining on the world. (Toras Avraham, p.443)

4. Rabbi Moshe Rosenstein related that Rabbi Yisroel Salanter often expressed his feelings of great joy on the benefit he has from the shining sun which helps humankind in so many ways. Rabbi Rosenstein would ask: “Why don’t other people also feel the same joy as Rabbi Salanter?” The main reason is that people feel happier when they have something others are missing. When everyone else in the world has the same thing, they do not feel they have anything special. Rabbi Salanter felt great love for other people. Therefore, the fact that others also



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