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2. I have frequently found that pessimists say to optimists, “You are not being realistic.” But this is a misconception with serious consequences. If a glass is large enough to hold a quart of water and it now contains half a quart, what is the reality? The reality is it contains half a quart of water. Nevertheless, some people will say it is half full and some will say it is half empty. As regards the reality, both views are correct. Nevertheless, some choose to be grateful for the water they have, and others choose to be bothered by what they do not have. This familiar example holds true for all aspects of life. We constantly choose what we will focus on and how we will view it. It is harmful to rigidly consider reality in a counterproductive way when you can choose positive ways of looking at things.

3. Think creatively and you will have the ability to view familiar situations and happenings in a new perspective. This will elicit new and more positive emotional responses to those situations and happenings that previously caused discomfort, sadness, and anger.

4. When trying to do a good deed which is difficult, do not concentrate on the difficulties involved. Focus on the fact that your merit for doing a good deed is greater when it is difficult. Perseverance in the face of difficulties has an elevating effect. The difficulty need not make you feel worse, but can actually make you feel better.

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    Constantly strive to look for something positive in every negative situation.

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    We can view the manner in which people treat us in many different ways. Why

choose a negative approach, when you can choose a positive one? For example, if your parents treat you in a manner you consider suitable for someone younger than you, you might tell yourself it is awful they treat you like a baby. But you can also view this as a manifestation of your parents’ love and concern for you.

7. The exact same job can be viewed either as drudgery and emotionally distressing or as an enjoyable way to spend one’s time. It depends on the individual’s perspective.

Even an act such as washing dishes can have various meanings to different people. For some it represents a boring but necessary task; for others it might mean a rest from harder physical work. To some it is an opportunity to think undisturbed about



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