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important subjects or listening to inspiring recordings while their hands go through the motions. To others it is a demeaning chore for upon them by circumstances. For some it is performing an act of kindness for family or friends. For others it is a time to reflect on gratitude about their good fortune for having nourishing food. What is the reality? It is merely that one is washing dishes. But how it will affect someone emotionally depends upon his own subjective interpretation. Any individual has the ability to look at this task in one manner one day and in an entirely different manner the next. Fortunate is the person able to master thinking consistently in a manner that promotes happiness and spiritual elevation.

8. It is easy to feel frustrated and miserable when you make mistakes. But you can always learn from your mistakes and failures. If you use them as learning experiences, you can view them as positive. Although you would rather not have made those mistakes, you can now view them as stepping stones to growth.

9. When things do not work out the way you would have liked and you see that you can still cope, use it as a lesson not to be excessively worried about the outcome of similar situations in the future.

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      You have the ability to change your negative evaluations to positive ones.

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    We all have answers to the question of how we view life in general. Even a

person who has not consciously formulated a point of view implicitly manifests one. Some people view life as an adventure, full of excitement and opportunities for accomplishment, which others view life as a painful experience that must be endured. Regardless of how you have been viewing life in the past, you can begin to have a more positive attitude if you consciously make an effort to think along positive lines. Just realizing it is your choice can give you a large amount of control and help you improve.

2. If you forcibly try to remove negative thoughts about a problem, you will often find that the more you try to get rid of the thoughts, the stronger those thoughts become entrenched in your mind. (Rabbi Yisroel Salanter; Tnuas Hamussar, vol.1, 284)

Don’t try to force positive thoughts; gently and gradually look for more positive ways of viewing things. It might help to ask yourself, “What positive way could I tell someone else how to view this matter?”



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