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6. Only when a person has peace of mind can he really feel love for humanity. Lack of peace of mind leads to animosity towards others. Peace of mind leads to love. (Daas Chochmah Umussar, vol. 2, p.203)

7. Only if a person has peace of mind will he be able to pass the test of dealing properly with other people. He will be able to be good and kindhearted to everyone. His peace of mind will enable him to tolerate others and be patient with them. (Rabbi Hillel Witkind, Jerusalem 1944 in Mussar Hatorah, p.10)

8. When a person has peace of mind, he will be successful. Furthermore, when a person is successful, he will have even greater peace of mind. For this reason it is inappropriate to think about things that will rob you for your peace of mind. (from a letter in Ohr YechezkailI: michtavim, p.32)

9. Even in the humblest circumstances in the midst of the troubles that are so much part of the present day world (1882!) a life filled with good endeavors will ensure inner peace and serenity to him who leads it. The peace of mind of the righteous is a blissful state little understood by the rest of the world. (Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch; The Psalms 37:11)

10. A person who does not know how to use his mind productively will flee from the state of being alone. But when a person has learned how to think, he will greatly appreciate the moments when he is by himself, for then he will be able to utilize those moments for intellectual and spiritual growth. In fact, moments of solitude serve as tests to a person to clarify how thinking-oriented he really is. (Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe; Alai Shur, vol. 1, p.178)

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      Modern technology is not the solution for peace of mind.

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    Modern technology has brought about the production of many new appliances

and machines. While they do save much time and energy, they have somehow not been successful in promoting peace of mind. (Chayai Olam, vol.1, ch.2)

2. Some people have the illusion that in time new inventions will foster peace of mind. They believe that while today we are yet lacking the necessary technology, at some time in the future we will have enough inventions to ensure peace of mind. But we can learn a lesson from the false hopes of the past. In a major American journal in 1899, one expert described the effects he envisioned the motor car would eventually have on city dwellers: “The improvement in city conditions by the general adoption of the motor car can hardly be overestimated. Streets clean, dustless, and odorless, with light rubber-



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