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3. Our attitude towards even the smallest degree of spiritual elevation should be similar to the happiness and excitement of someone who has found a hidden treasure. (Toras Avraham, p. 22)

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      The joy of prayer.

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    When a person learns to pray properly, understanding what he is saying and with

enthusiasm, he will derive tremendous pleasure from praying. (Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian, Lev Eliyahu, vol. 1, p.32)

2. Prayer has tremendous potential for spiritual elevation and intense pleasure. How tragic it is that such a great opportunity is often considered a boring chore. On one extreme, there are people who think that the object of prayer is to just rattle off the words. On the other extreme, there are people who try so hard to pray properly that they become very tense and nervous.

The way to have an elevating experience when praying is to calmly recite the words while keeping in mind that you are speaking to the Omniscient Creator of the Universe. Whenever an external thought comes into your mind, gently return your focus to what you were saying in your prayers. You need not fight other thoughts, just ignore them and once again concentrate on the words of the prayers you are reciting. If the thoughts that come up concern a practical problem that must be taken care of, set a time later in the day when you will deal with that matter.

Imagine what it would be like to speak to the wisest, most powerful Being. Realize that you are entering into a relationship with Him and as you talk nothing else in the world exist for you but Him and you. Talk to Him with the ease you talk with your father, there is no need to strain. But at the same time, have the awe and respect a loyal subject would bestow upon a king.

3. When a person learns to pray properly, he will be able to understand what the Chazon Ish 1878-1953 (Emunah Ubitochon 1:9) had in mind when he wrote, “When a person merits becoming aware of the reality of the Almighty’s existence, he will experience limitless joy. All the pleasures of the flesh immediately disappear. His soul is enveloped in sanctity and it is as if it has left the body and floats in the upper Heavens. When a person transcends to this level, an entirely new world is open to him. It is possible for a person to be momentarily like a celestial being in this world. All of the pleasures of this world are as nothing compared to the intense pleasure of a person cleaving to his Creator.”



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