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they are perfect or else they are failures. In each area of behavior and personality there are numerous levels along a continuum. If you are not perfect, you need not rate yourself as a failure. Focus on improvement instead of absolute perfection. It is worthwhile for a person with low self-esteem to write a list of the minimum standards of a basically good person. He is then able to have a more objective view of whether or not he is meeting those standards.

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      Work on improving yourself.

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    Work on improving yourself instead of wasting time feeling sorry you are not

the way you would like. Describe your ideal self: what type of person do you really want to be? Be as specific as possible. One who uses such vague terms as a kind person or to be successful does not have a clear criteria to determine if he has reached his goals. Once you have a picture of your ideal self, you can plan on ways to travel on the path leading to that ideal.

2. People with inferiority feelings keep judging themselves negatively and put themselves down. They should stop evaluating themselves. Even if they don’t yet think of themselves in positive terms, they can stop condemning themselves. It is much more productive to focus on which behaviors they should avoid and which behaviors they should pursue.

6.9 Parents and educators should try to build the confidence of their children and students. To increase the self-esteem and confidence of children and students have them become aware of their strengths and resources. Even if someone has many faults and weaknesses, he will certainly have shown positive behavior from time to time. By pointing out to someone how he succeeded in some past endeavor, how he was successful in learning one thing, or how he manifested strength and courage in a specific situation, you are giving him a powerful resource upon which he can build. A person with low self-esteem tends to overlook the positive things he has done and focuses solely on his failures and mistakes. By showing him his strengths, you will be able to supply him with an optimistic attitude towards his latent potential. You have the ability to raise someone’s entire self-image and encourage him to achieve important goals. This is one of the greatest acts of kindness a person can do.



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