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of the potential pleasure he will have in the future and hence he will not be overly frustrated if things do not work out as he had hoped. (Chovos Halvovos 4:5)

2. “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1). The vicissitudes of time are notorious, and since even the events of a day are still unknown in the morning, it is foolhardy to talk with brazen confidence about tomorrow. (Malbim on Mishle, p. 272)

3. It is humanly impossible for a person to prepare his future exactly as he would like it to be. No person can possibly figure out in advance all the myriad possibilities of what might happen in the future. It is not worthwhile to give excessive thought about what will occur in the future. Who can be certain how events will turn out? What know appears as good, can be the source of misfortune. Conversely, what you consider bad can eventually be the source of happiness. Every single person can verify the truth of this statement from daily events he is aware of. (Rabbi Yosef Leib Bloch, Shiurai Daas, vol.3, p.62)

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      Always try to utilize your present moments for growth.

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    A person who masters coping and, better yet, feeling joy in his present moments

need never worry about the future. When the future comes, it will be the present and he will be able to handle it. Moreover, if you master feeling joy in your present moments, you need never be concerned you are missing anything, since whatever you are engaged in can be transformed into an elevating experience.

2. View each day as a page in a book of your autobiography. (Rabbi Yechezkail Abramsky)

You have the ability to fill each page with beautiful stories of spiritual growth and kind deeds. Past pages are already written, but you can revise their significance by learning from your mistakes. In a panoramic view of your life, those mistakes become stepping stones for growth. Future pages are not yet ready to be written. Only the present pages are before you. You have the opportunity to be the author of a masterpiece which describes the life of a great person: you.

3. It is easy to build up in your imagination the amount of pleasure and happiness you will derive from future events. By anxiously anticipating these future events you lose your present moments. Frequently those future events turn out disappointing. You had exaggerated their value. The way to make the most out of



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