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Have students write news articles about Ralph bringing an aspirin to Keith. They should explain how he accomplished the feat, when and where it happened, and why he did it. Tell students to imagine that they are able to interview Ralph and Keith. Have them write down questions they would ask each character and then work with partners to create answers these characters might give. Students should include some of these answers in their articles.

Chapter 13


Pronounce each vocabulary word for students, and review the definitions as a class. Have students demonstrate their comprehension of the words by using them in sentences.

tip: n. A small gift given in exchange for a service

flaw: n. A break or crack that spoils the perfection of something

hamper: v. A large basket that usually has a cover

tantalizing: adj. Teasing with something that is desired but out of reach


Have students answer the following questions individually or in small groups. Students can then share their answers with the class.


What is the main idea of the book?


What was your favorite part of the book? Why


Did you enjoy reading the book? Why or why not?


Would you like having Ralph as a friend? Why or why not?


Create a Crossword Puzzle

Have students create simple crossword puzzles using vocabulary words from the book. Show students a crossword puzzle in a newspaper, and discuss the main features, such as the intersecting answers and the clues. Give students words from this teacher’s guide, or allow students to choose their own words from the book. After students finish, have them trade with a partner and try to solve each other’s puzzles.

Write a Movie Review

Have students write reviews of a movie version of The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Show students a movie review from a newspaper. Discuss its features, such as the plot summary, comments on the acting, and an overall evaluation of the film’s quality. Students should work in pairs to imagine a film version of the book and decide which actors might play each role. Then, they can write a review based on this information.

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