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The documentation for the MAAM-SIM DC-3/R4D-6 is very extensive, covering all details of the aircraft including the operation of the period autopilot and even suggesting variations on displaying the overhead panel.

Other manual details cover operation of the gear lever & flaps, as well as covering the use of the interactive check list.

Other parts of the docs have colorful screenshots showing “hot spot” areas for your mouse and also offers recommended realism settings (it's highly recommended that you follow Rob Young’s suggestions here).

Also included (PDF format) is an authentic C-47 manual from the 1940s!


Test System


Dell Dimension 8300 XP Pentium 4, 3.2 Ghz processor 1024 Mb DDR ram memory Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB video card Dell 19” flat-screen monitor Dell 3-way surround sound system 120GB harddrive Saitek Cyborg 3D Gold joystick w/throttle and twist-grip

Flying Time: 10 hours

The standard package includes 4 different liveries; United Airlines passenger, British European Airways Cargo, and the NATS R4D-6 version in two paint schemes (gray and polished aluminum), plus the MAAM-SIM group has uploaded an amphibious version of the C-47 into the AVSIM library (maamxc47.zip), painted in US Army olive green, which was the colors used for the prototype of this aircraft, and this file is downloadable as freeware. Use of the downloadable amphibious C-47 does require a registered version of the donation-ware base package be installed onto your computer beforehand.

Each version or livery of the DC-3 has external texturing that is second to none for its realistic appearance, which has been a trademark of the MAAM-SIM aircraft, whether that be the previous versions of the R4D or with their B-25J “Briefing Time”. The FS9 DC-3 also features numerous special effects, such as very realistic smoke on start-up, oil

dripping onto the tarmac by striking the “i” key, opening side doors with air-stairs, dynamic exhaust flame, and the full gamut of animated components. The default DC-3, included with FS9 Century of Flight, is pretty good considering that it is a default aircraft, but the MAAM-SIM DC-3/R4D-6 raises the realism notch several pegs in comparison. The MAAM-SIM DC-3 is simply better than anything comparable and the fact that they have also made available, as a freeware add-on, an amphibious version, well it just doesn’t get any better than this. This package simply contains one of the most authentic Douglas DC-3s you will ever come across for FS9. The MAAM-SIM group has perfected the art of external texturing to the upper limit of what is possible for Flight Simulator and amazingly, the impact on frame rates is negligible, for when switching between the MAAM-SIM DC-3 and the default DC-3, I noted little or no change in frame rates when viewing the external texturing from the spot view.

As before with previous versions of the MAAM-SIM R4D-6, I’m confident that repaints in your favorite livery should become available shortly in the AVSIM library, but the ones included with the MAAM-SIM package are quite good and do authentically represent real-world aircraft, including the now famous (among flight simmers around the world) R4D-6 NATS livery of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s own R4D-6/DC-3.

The MAAM-SIM CD includes the 4 shown liveries, plus you can download for free (from the AVSIM library) the amphibious version of the

Using Lee Swordy’s AFCAD2 and TTools I was able to have all 4 of the included aircraft (the props appear to not be

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