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turning in this screenshot, but in fact they are merely turning very slowly).

With each of the 4 aircraft, you have opening “air stairs” and note the realistic appearing exterior texturing.

Even after zooming in, the textures of these aircraft is very good, as the fellows at MAAM-SIM have really improved their art at painting FS aircraft.

This is a view that should be very familiar Even when viewed very to anyone that has been close, the details of the flying in Flight Simulator

skin rivets and the

for any length of time.

associated corrosion can The R4D-6 belonging to

be seen.

the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum has become a FS icon.

You can either fly empty or you can strike the “/” or spoiler key and you have an instant cargo load.

Each of the models has detailed interiors, whether it be a cargo load or with a detailed passenger seating area.

This is an extremely realistic appearing aircraft using photorealistic texturing.

The freeware add-on amphibious version of

During start-up, the sounds, exhaust flame, and the unusual amount

the C-47/DC-3 is equally of exhaust smoke all add

as realistic as the original 4 liveries.

to the enjoyment of flying this classic


After setting up the MAAM B-25J “Briefing Time” in TTools, flying formation is a very difficult, but manageable adventure.

The Panel

I’ve already covered the documentation and the aircraft included with this donation-ware package; the real frosting on the cake is of course the cockpit or panel the MAAM-SIM group has included, and if you may be one of the holdouts that prefer flying from the 2D cockpit (and in many cases I too prefer the 2D panel), after a few short minutes, I believe you’ll agree that this is one FS aircraft where flying from the virtual cockpit will be the absolute preferred method.

The panels from the MAAM-SIM group are their finest achievement and should I say, their trademark marking the

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