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If Rob had, for example, set the roll parameters for the MAAM-SIM DC-3 so that the roll-rate was exactly as it is in reality, then flying their virtual version of the DC-3 would have given you the sense that the aircraft weighted 1/3 to ½ less than it really does. It is Rob’s ability to compromise the numbers, to further enhance the virtual feel of whatever FS aircraft he is designing the airfile for, which is why his airfiles are so often superior to what others have designed.

In addition, Rob has also designed the MAAM-SIM DC-3 so that it taxies very realistic as well, which is not an easy task to accomplish I might add. Most are not aware that years ago, with the earliest versions of Flight Simulator, Microsoft had included two airfiles, one for while the aircraft was in flight and another for when the aircraft was on the ground, but the second airfile was deleted with the introduction of FS98 I believe. Compromising the airfile for when in flight, to improve an FS aircraft’s taxiing characteristics is something that simply isn’t done, but there are some tricks the masters of airfile programming can do to improve the quality or feel of an aircraft while in the taxi mode, without having a noticeable affect on the aircraft’s flight characteristics. The MAAM-SIM DC-3 exhibits very realistic taxi characteristics, yet the aircraft flies exactly as I expected, and considering my past experience with Rob Young designed airfiles, I wasn’t surprised.

In the real-world, taxiing the DC-3 is a matter of differential braking or differential engine power to complete a turn, as the tail-wheel is castored to swing 360º, and the MAAM-SIM DC-3 needs to be controlled in the same manner as its real-world counterpart, a task I found easy to execute with my twist grip flight yoke. Those of you using floor mounted rudder pedals and dual throttle levers will have the advantage of being able to use either differential braking or engine power or a combination of the two to complete a turn, while I am limited to differential braking, but regardless I found that the MAAM-SIM DC-3 taxies very easily and realistically with my Saitek 3D Cyborg Gold joystick.

Sounds and Special Features

The MAAM-SIM group could have just aliased the sounds to the default DC-3, but regardless, the MAAM-SIM R4D-6/DC-3 includes custom sounds, sounds I personally found to be really terrific, and the disc contains special added value by their having included the freeware scenery package for the Reading Regional-Spaatz airport. The airport scenery is very accurate and very realistic as each of the buildings depicted have photo-realistic texturing and the area around the museum is exactly as I remember. Even the marquee in front of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum reflects that it was the location for the 2003 AVSIM convention, which is the reason for my reference of how I remember it. By setting your com/nav radio to a specific frequency, the main doors of the MAAM hanger will either open or close and the scenery package includes AFCAD2 files as well as landclass file for the surrounding area of Reading, PA. The quality of the included scenery package is very good, even considering it was originally intended as a freeware add-on and is freely available from the AVSIM library.

With the included scenery (also available from the AVSIM library as freeware) you can, by selecting a specific frequency on your NAV radio open or close the hanger doors at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.

All of the buildings in the Reading Muni airport scenery use photorealistic texturing and they are easy on frame-rates, yet are highly authentic in their appearance.

With the land-class file included with the scenery package, the Reading Muni airport blends in quite realistically with the surrounding area.

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum was also home to the 2003 AVSIM Convention.

The airport scenery includes several accurately textured buildings and-or

The airport scenery includes night-lighting and seasonal textures.

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