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I would imagine that to most flight simmers, the default DC-3 included with FS2004 is satisfactory, but I also believe that the vast majority of the thousands of individuals that frequent our website here at AVSIM are interested in improving their experience with their flight simming time. The MAAM-SIM group’s R4D-6/DC-3 for FS2004 is unique in several ways, from every aspect of their product, whether it be the documentation, the included aircraft liveries, the truly outstanding virtual cockpits, the flight modeling, or the numerous other features Then you combine this with the idea of donation-ware, where the money you spend for this package goes towards a worthy project, well, I don’t know what more I can say. This is simply a must-have package that maybe doesn’t offer a modern jetliner or general aviation aircraft with all the modern convenience of a pre-programmable FMC or glass cockpit equipped with the latest in avionics, but it does offer a truly outstanding look into one of aviation history’s most significant aircraft. One of the advantages of Flight Simulator is that you have an almost infinite number of choices available to you and flying an aircraft where you need to learn the basics of navigation combined with an FS aircraft that has duplicated its real-world counterpart, at almost every conceivable level, not to mention an aircraft you can fly into just about anywhere you desire, can open up an entire new level of experience for you to enjoy. Instead of flying an aircraft by programming its autopilot from your keyboard, you just may want to try flying where the pilot actually piloted the aircraft and it was by the process of “dead-reckoning” and sparse radio signals that the DC-3 crew managed to fly from point to point in all kinds of weather conditions. Don’t worry, there is no place in the world of Flight Simulator you can fly to, that hasn’t been visited by a DC-3 in the real world. From the top of the Himalayas to the bottom of the Red Sea, the jungles of Africa or South America, the Sahara Desert, or even the North or South Poles, every where on earth has heard the drone of the Douglas DC-3 engines during the last 70 years. So in the end, if you want to experience being the pilot in command of an aircraft, as it was some 50 plus years ago, well here you are with the MAAM-SIM group’s Douglas R4D-6/DC-3 aircraft.

What I Like About the MAAM-SIM DC-3

Each of the 4 aircraft included depict authentic real world versions of the Douglas DC-3 or R4D-6 models. The scenery add-on of the Reading Regional (Spaatz) airport along with a landclass file for the surrounding area is a really nice touch. Availability of the freeware amphibious C-47 is a real plus (downloadable from the AVSIM library). Among the best packaged documentation I’ve ever encountered for a FS aircraft. Inclusion of the authentic flight operations manual from the 1940s was much appreciated. Probably has the most realistic virtual cockpit yet, whether that be a freeware or payware aircraft (the crossbar for DVC design has been pushed almost out of sight). The interactive check list is nice. I like the fact you can either just jump in and go or you can choose to follow the entire start-up procedure from a cold cockpit. The special effects of the massive amount of smoke during start-up, the fire from the exhaust (visible day or night), or the little Easter-egg of oil dripping onto the tarmac when the engines are off, each of which add to the authenticity of this package. The sights, sounds, and feel of this FS aircraft in flight, combine to offer one of the most immersive FS experiences I’ve had to date. The condition that all your purchase costs go toward the restoration of several worthy projects at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is a big plus and this alone is as good a reason for buying this package as any.

What I Don't Like About the MAAM-SIM DC-3

  • Absolutely nothing comes to mind as to any suggestions for improving the MAAM-SIM DC-3/R4D-6, nor can

I imagine anyone else finding fault with any aspect of this FS aircraft package.

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