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Opportunity Research Scholars’ Program

Research Groups In The Spotlight

Intel Sponsored RFID Research Group

Meet the Intel sponsored Ra- dio Freqency Identification Group, Amin Rida, Mentor, and Edward Tan and Trevale Reynolds, Scholars. Their faculty advisor is

Dr. Manos Tentzeris.

Tell us what the Tongue Driver Control Group’s project is

about. Amin

The objectives of this research is to use inkjet printing as a fabrica- tion method for antennas and wireless modules on low-cost- organic material such as paper and polymers and to introduce mod- ules with enhanced operability at UHF and then extend to WIFI frequencies. Inkjet-printing is a direct-write technology by which the design pattern is transferred directly to the substrate and does not require masks such as in the conventional etching techniques. Moreover, and unlike standard etching techniques which are con- sidered subtractive methods since they function by removing un- wanted metal from the substrate surface; inkjet printing jets the single ink droplet from the nozzle to the desired position, therefore, no waste is created, resulting in a "green" and economical fabrication


Tell us a little about your back- ground and why you chose engi-

neering. Amin

I was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon and have been living in the US for 7 years. I have been a graduate student for three years in the field on Electrical and Com- puter Engineering at Georgia Tech due to my interest in Radio Fre- quency and Wireless Fields. I am interested in sports, music, and

traveling. Edward

I am a first generation Asian American born and raised in Georgia. My interest in design and technology led me to pursue Electrical Engi- neering. With its Atlanta location and high ranking academics, Geor- gia Tech presented an inexpensive,

attractive choice. Trevale

I'm originally from Dothan, AL. It is located in southern Alabama, about 15 min from the Florida state line. I'm a transfer student from Macon State College, Macon GA. I will be graduating Fall 2009 with a major in Electrical Engi- neering and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. I became interested in EE, like many students, at a young age. When I was very young, I would take apart my electronic toys to see how they worked. Sometimes I didn't as- sembly my toys back together and my mom would get very upset. I chose Georgia Tech because of the reputation and good educa- tion. Academically, my interests are in the field of Radio Frequency

Identification and Radar systems. Outside of academics, I like to read and study about anything

concerning religion.

Why did you decide to partici- pate in the ORS Program?


The ORS program offers struc- tured state of the art research through top professors in the nation. In addition, I really like the interaction among the under- grads and their mentors, feed- back from group members, and last but not least the availability of the workshops offered by the

program chairs. Edward

ORS is an amazing program that promotes undergraduate re- search with workshops and small wages/stipend. Along with in- ternships and coops, I believe research is one of the best activi- ties an engineering student can pursue. One gains valuable work- ing experience and exposure

beyond the rigid classes. Trevale

I decided to participate in the ORS Program because I thought it would be a great way to get hands-on experience. I wanted to do more than just book work. I wanted to apply the theory that I learned in the classroom to real world applications. It also looks good to employers and the

board for graduate school.

THE RFID GROUP (left to right)

Amin Rida, Edward Tan, Trevale Reynolds

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Bonjour From France

At the lake.

Sean Sanders, an ORS Program Scholar with the Network Secu- rity and Architecture Lab, shares a a message and pictures with Schol- ars back in Atlanta. Sean is spend- ing the semester at Georgia Tech’s European Campus in Metz,


Hi All, “The picture with the snow in the background is located

in Metz, France, which is the capi- tal of the Lorraine region. The lake is not too far from GTL, but I like to sit there and look at the sky while watching the birds play around. It’s a peaceful place. The Technopole is the region where there are a lot of universities, research, and technology-oriented companies concentrated in one


The other picture is me work- ing in the lab, just reading up on some things about networking protocols and ethical issues to avoid while pursuing the re- search. It’s good to hear that ORSP is growing. I wish I could be there to welcome them. I’m glad everything is going so well in


In the lab.

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