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Volume 2, Issue 3

Research Groups In The Spotlight

Rockwell Collins Sponsored Tongue Driver Controls Group

Meet the Rockwell Collins Sponsored Tongue Driver Con- trols Group, Xueliang Huo, Men- tor, and Jeremy Jones, Asma Qureshi, and Jeremy Thompson, Scholars. Their faculty advisor is

Dr. Maysam Ghovanloo.

Tell us what the Tongue Driver Control Group’s project is

about. Xueliang

“We are working on a project which would allow the patients with high level spinal cord injury to control a robotic arm using their tongue movements. The GT Bionics lab has already developed an innovative wireless assistive device, called the tongue drive system, which extracts patients' intention by detecting their tongue motion and translate it into con- trol commands. Based on tongue drive system, we are designing and developing an interface, including adaptor circuitry, control algo- rithm and graphic user interface, to link it to a commercial robotic arm so that the user can move the robotic arm in 3D space by simply

moving their tongue around.”

Tell us a little about your back- ground and why you chose engi-

neering. Xueliang

I am originally from China. I got my B.S. and M.S. in Mechnical

which has won several "Best small town in America" awards and that in and of itself is reason enough to leave. I chose Georgia Tech be- cause it was the best deal in state and my parents believe that having an engineering degree is beneficial regardless of what one wants to do. I chose ECE because I intend to become a patent attorney. I feel that it combines my academic strengths better than any other profession. I also believe that it is

something I would greatly enjoy. Asma

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is the world's twentieth largest city, and its a very happening place. That is why I like living in Atlanta, because it is also a large city with a lot going on. I love the different people and cultures I get to experience here. That is one of the reasons why I chose to go to Georgia Tech. I got interested in Electrical Engineering when I was a little child. I remember being fasci- nated by light bulbs turning on with the flip of a switch. And as I grew, my teachers nurtured my interest in the sciences and my physics teacher in High school advised me to get into engineering. I took his advice and am very happy with it. My other interests include learning languages (no not computer lan- guages!) and about the different cultures. I also enjoy sports, espe-

cially tennis and swimming. Jeremy T.

Why did you decide to par- ticipate in the ORS Program?


Participating in ORS and working in a multiple-culture team is very helpful for my communication skills. It also provides me an opportunity to practice and cultivate my lead- ership, which is extremely im- portant in my future career life. I like to work with young stu- dents. They are smart, ener- getic and creative. They bring new blood to our project and

inspire new ideas. Jeremy J.

I chose to participate in the ORS Program because I think undergraduate research is an important component to an engineering education. I think the ORS Program shines over other programs because it isn't just about the research. The organizers of the program go to great lengths to help build a sense of community amongst

the participants. Asma

I decided to participate in the ORS program because it gave me the ability to get some hands on experience without having to work as an intern or in the co-op program. The schedule is very flexible. And you learn a lot, especially if your mentor is as awesome as Xueli-

engineering. Then I applied for PhD program in ECE at GaTech. Even when I was in the ME depart- ment, I was working on a few projects related to circuit and system design. It is attractive to me because I feel when I imple- ment my ideas in circuits and codes, I am actually creating things. When I became more and more knowledgeable, I feel more and more freedom to do what I want to do, which is very exciting.

I'm Jeremy Thompson from Savan- nah, GA. I've been interested in computers ever since my brother built one for me as a young child. I chose Computer Engineering be- cause it seemed like the thing to do given my interests. I chose GA Tech because it was the best school for Computer Engineering in the state and HOPE covered the tui- tion. It's also neat to live in a big city like Atlanta. My other interests include reading all sorts of books, Ultimate Frisbee, going to the CRC,

I am also a big soccer fan.

Jeremy J. I am from Madison, Georgia,

and games.

ang Huo! Jeremy T.

I chose to participate in the ORS program because I had a relatively light schedule and I needed something to do. The ORS program was perfect be- cause it provides hands-on experience with research re- lated to my interests--it helps me determine whether the major I've chosen is the one I want. It also looks great on a

resume and gives me money!

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THE TONGUE DRIVER CONTROLS GROUP (left to right) Asma Qureshi, Xueliang Huo, Jeremy Jones, and Jeremy


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