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Exhibiting Conditions and Rules

Please Read, Sign and Initial the application.

Your signature is your acceptance of all terms and conditions. All exhibitors, vendors, for profit and non-profit participants will be referred to as ‘vendors’.

♥ Booth spaces will be issued at the discretion of the event committee. Spaces are outdoors on asphalt. Shade canopies are required must be fire code compliant and secured with setup weights – staking is not allowed. Owner/ vendor is wholly responsible for safe, proper set up of the booth and canopy.

♥ For public safety- all items, fixtures, signs, etc. must be within the booth space. Nothing is allowed on the sidewalks or street outside the booth.

♥ Roaming security will be available during the show hours, but each vendor is responsible for their own items and space. We suggest that you do not leave merchandise unattended and do so at your own risk.

♥ Gila County Health Permits are required for food vendors. All vendors are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying your own sales tax. Include your Arizona State license number on this application. We may be required to furnish this information to the State or county.

♥ AMUSEMENTS, ACTIVITIES and RIDES VENDORS - YOU MUST provide a current and viable PROOF of INSURANCE including liability coverage of no less than $1,000,000.00. You MUST name The Town of Miami, Az. and The Miami, Az. Boomtown Spree Association as additional insured and provide proof of such.

♥ Check-in is required prior to setting up. Friday check-in is at Memorial Park, Inspiration & Sullivan Street from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. Any vendor not checked in by 3:00 must wait until Saturday morning, and may not sell until properly set up. Late check-in is at the Information Booth at Bullion Plaza Museum. You will need to walk up to the booth. We will be onsite by 7:00 am Saturday.

♥ Vendors arriving at any time other than Friday's check in may be required to hand carry their display and merchandise to their space. Be prepared to do so.

♥ You are allowed 30 minutes to unload you vehicle- then remove it and return to set up your booth. When unloading, please do so quickly and leave the center of the street clear. If you need to bring in or remove anything during event hours you must move it by hand. Please ask at the Information Booth if you need assistance.

♥ The street fair area must be cleared of all vehicles by 9:00 am daily and will remain closed to vehicles during event hours. Anyone moving or driving around a barricade may be cited and will be asked to leave.

♥ At the discretion of our volunteer staff, who are not electricians, We reserve the right to refuse or disconnect electrical service if there is any question of safety, or if the amount of current required is more than what is available.

♥ An Adult must be on duty in the booth during all daylight hours of the fair.

♥ No sales of any live animals are allowed. No raffles except by non-profits with permission.

♥ Personal conduct, rule violations, complaints from patrons as to misconduct during the fair may be grounds for removal by event committee. No refund will be made.

♥ Tear down is not to be started before 4:00 pm on Sunday unless prior arrangements are made and approved by the committee. Tear down during event hours is allowed, but you must notify us and you must remove your property by hand.

♥ No refunds due to exhibitor cancellation after March 31, 2011.

♥ We are a not-for-profit organization. The event will be held rain or shine. No refunds due to weather.

Vendor Application

Street Fair- Friday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Spaces are 10’ deep x 12‘ long. Saturday or Sunday only spaces are available.

Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

You must provide your own tables, chairs, canopies, etc. as needed. All booths are required to have a fire extinguisher

rated 2A10BC and food vendors may need additional extinguishers.


Electricity is available to some spaces and limited to 15 amps and 1 (one) plug in. You are responsible for providing your own power strip and cord.

If you have a quiet generator please use it.

BOOTH TYPE: please check 1

  • Commercial Vendor

Business enterprise that must be licensed and carry any and all insurance and health permits required by law for a commercial endeavor. Proof of insurance may be required.

  • Non-Profit Vendor OR Community Organization * Person or organization for the benefit of a specific purpose, cause or special event. Proof of purpose may be required prior to acceptance of contract.

  • Information Vendor *

Person or group whose purpose includes dispensing information to the public. Information to be distributed at the event must be approved by the event committee PRIOR to acceptance of this contract. *Booth fee may be discounted, ONLY upon approval by the event committee.

Street Fair space All 3 days (10’ deep x 12‘ long)

  • #

    of spaces

cost $60.00 each


Please leave blank

Saturday OR Sunday only space (limited) Electrical – 15 amp

$30.00 each $45.00

TOTAL enclosed payable to Miami Boomtown Spree Cleaning Deposit, Please provide a separate check


The Miami, Az. Boomtown Spree committee will have the authority to stipulate what kinds of products and/or services are available for sale, and can require any vendor to eliminate a product or service if the product, service, etc. is causing a distraction to the event or a safety hazard to the public and also reserves the right to deny concession privileges or ask that items be removed from distribution/display at any time, from any booth, booth holder or individual if the committee deems that the material being sold, promoted, distributed and or made available is of a nature that is harmful, unlawful, offensive to the community, considered a nuisance or is a distraction from the event. Your cooperation is appreciated.

The event committee will limit the number of vendors selling any given item or food so that vendors will have the best opportunity to make sales. Please provide a complete list of items for sale and a menu of all food and beverages as well as a photo of your booth/display. If you have questions about this please call. We reserve the right to request removal of items not approved in advance. It is your responsibility to inform us of your inventory/ menu.

A Cleaning Deposit of $100.00 is required of all vendors, in the form of a check. We will inspect your booth space when you are ready to leave. The space must be clean, all garbage/trash removed, especially food waste. The garbage containers on the street and park are not for vendor use- please dispose of trash in the dumpster provided. There is NO PROVISION for the disposal of cooking oil. You MUST remove it and take it with you for recycling elsewhere.

Initial HERE to verify that you have read this application and agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated herein.


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