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Tuesday, October 16, 10:15 – 11:45 am

T48“Conflicts of Interest in SBIR and STTR:   How to Ensure Your University

Entrepreneur Plays by the Rules of the Road”

Cindy Kiel, JD, CRA, University of Nevada Reno

In reviews of financial interest related to SBIR/STTR proposals, the relationship between a university employee/small business owner and the university-entity does not follow traditional models.  Join us to discuss issues and potential management solutions for topic such as when the faculty member wants to wear two hats, that of university researcher and entity consultant or entity business official and dealing with accepting awards of any type from companies owned by their faculty members.  This session will provide you with an opportunity to think long and hard about the mechanisms and management of entrepreneurial researchers taking their technology on the road toward commercialization.

Tuesday, October 16, 1:45 -  3:15 pm

T64“Losing Patent Rights for Failing to Comply with Bayh-Dole:  The Implications of the

Campbell Plastics Case on Federally Funded Research”

Eric Guttag, JD, Jagtiani and Guttag

Most research institutions are aware that the Bayh-Dole Act allows them to retain title to patent rights in federally funded research.  What these research institutions may not know is that patent rights can also be lost if the subject invention is not timely disclosed to the federal funding agency pursuant to Bayh-Dole.  This lesson was brought home by the recent case of Campbell Plastics Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. v. Brownlee, in which a federal defense contractor forfeited its patent rights for failure to timely disclose.  In addition to reviewing the Campbell Plastics case, this presentation will discuss what research institutions can do to comply with Bayh-Dole.

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