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ask your colleagues

Any Questions?

Want some information? Why not ask your colleagues?

Email your brief query to anyquestions@rcslt.org. RCSLT also holds a database of clinical advisers who may be able to help. Contact the information department, tel: 0207 378 3012. You can also use the RCSLT’s website forum to post your questions or reply to other queries, visit: www.rcslt.org/forum

Aphasia-friendly menus Have you made your hospital menus ‘aphasia friendly’? What techniques do you use in goal planning with adults with aphasia? Jill Whitaker EMAIL: jill.whitaker@midyorks.nhs.uk

Group work for adults who stammer Do you offer regular group therapy after initial assessment and/or after individual therapy? If so, what do you include in each? Jenny Hill EMAIL: jenny.hill@erhtsp.nhs.uk

Cognitive/non-verbal screening Have you devised an informal screening tool for tapping into the non-verbal skills of pre-school/primary age children? Lucy Clark TEL: 0161 980 8041 EMAIL: Lucy.Clark@trafford.nhs.uk

ASD service Have you experience of assessment and advice services for mainstream adult ASD clients? Any suggestions re: assessments to use? Wendy Corner EMAIL: wendy.corner@nhs.net

Clinical advice intranet We are designing an SLT intranet to assist knowledge sharing of clinical ideas and advice across our teams, etc. It will be accessible on the NHS network, but not in the public domain. Has anyone done this? What was your structure? How successful has it been? Anita Smith TEL: 01424 755 470 ext 8639 EMAIL: Anita.Smith@esht.nhs.uk

Branchio-oto-renal syndrome Do you have a child or adult on your caseload with Branchio-oto-renal syndrome? Do you know of a parent support group? Can you share any information on cleft palate and/or hearing impairment in this condition? Jenny Nayak EMAIL: jnayak@ncht.trent.nhs.uk

NVQ for assistants Do you have assistants who have successfully gained NVQ Level 3 (diagnostic and therapeutic units) recently or some time ago? Please send details of the centres. Michèle Kelly TEL: 01494 426 981 EMAIL: michele.kelly@buckshosp.nhs.uk

Fluency questionnaire Do you know of a good pre-appointment questionnaire that can be used for dysfluency in children (any age)? Sian George EMAIL: sian.george@pdt-tr.wales.nhs.uk

Stroke rehabilitation reviews How do you offer reviews for communication patients following discharge within community stroke rehabilitation teams? Lisa Sherman TEL: 01323 503 758 (option 2) EMAIL: Lisa.Sherman@eastbournedownspct.nhs.uk

MS team working Do you provide a community service to patients with MS as part of a specialist MS multidisciplinary team in collaboration with the MS Society or other organisations? Sarah Robinson TEL: 01635 273 422 EMAIL: Sarah.Robinson@berkshire.nhs.uk

Oromotor packs Does anyone have details of the MORE oromotor pack or any other, including exercises and equipment? Angela Metcalf EMAIL: Angela.Metcalf@northamptonpct.nhs.uk

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