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GOAL: Retain, Attract and Reward the Best and the Brightest



Support diverse work- force development through management,

Investments in business processes, technology infrastructure and training. Innovative technolo- gies and equipment that enhance employee skills

training and provision of state of the art facilities, vehicles, systems and equipment

and promote career development. Development of high quality leadership and management.



Enhance communication with customers, employ- ees, Union leadership, Board, media and other stakeholders

Convenient access to timely and accurate in- formation on travel modes, schedules, facilities and service disruptions. Effectively communicate with Metro’s wide range of stakeholders our role and performance results.

Promote the region’s economy and livable communities

Investments that generate economic return for jurisdictional partners and enhance the eco- nomic competitiveness of the region.

Use natural resources efficiently and reduce environmental impacts

Technology, capital assets and business practices

that reduce the consumption of natural resources and pollution.

GOAL: Maintain and Enha

nce Metro’s Image

Funding the Capital Program

Metro’s capital funding comes from several sources: the federal government, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia jurisdictions, debt/finan- cial management and internal sources (e.g., interest). Federal funds are provided through annual appropriations and Federal Transit Administration grants. Most of these funds are matched by state and local funds, generally on an 80 – 20 basis. I n o t h e r w o r d s , f o r e v e r y d o l l a r o f c a p i t a l n e e d , t h e f e d e r a l g o v e r n m e n t w i l l f u n d

$0.80 if the state/local governments fund $0.20. This is a typical funding arrange- ment in the transportation sector.

From FY 2005 – 2010, funding for Metro’s capital program was governed by a funding agreement between Metro and its partners, known as “Metro Matters.”

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