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Vehicles/Vehicle Parts

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 015: MetroAccess Vehicles




Purchase of MetroAccess Vehicles includes the following CNI project:

Replacement of Service Vehicles ($63.4 Million)

Metro developed a service vehicle replacement plan in May 2007 to eliminate the backlog of $23.5 million in deferred replacement vehicles and to meet future needs. This replacement strategy will enhance service, lower maintenance costs, and improve vehicle reliability and availability. The service vehicle fleet includes passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, specialized maintenance vehicles such as welding trucks and hi-rail vehicles, tow trucks, armored cars, and other special-

ized types. The plan recommends a weighted average replacement cycle of 7.1 years across all vehicle types. In 2007, 29% of the fleet was older than 10 years

and 56% of the service vehicle fleet was over 6 years old.

The approximate number of vehicles to be replaced during FY 2011 – 2020 in

each category is:

Passenger Cars: 214 Vans: 260 Street Sweepers: 4

Pickup/Utility Trucks: 506 Heavy Trucks: 65 All others: 27

SUVs: 346 Tow Trucks: 11

The service vehicle category also include the Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) fleet. The 98 MTPD vehicles are shared by officers on two or more shifts, increasing the wear and tear on these vehicles. With the exception of emergency management person- nel, MTPD officers are not given “take-home” cars as condition of employment. MTPD relies on its emergency vehicles to transport police officers, K-9s, and special equipment to the site of reported crimes, public disturbances, and suspicious persons and packages throughout the 1,500 square mile Metro service area. MTPD also requires vehicles to

Metro developed a service vehicle replacement plan in May 2007 to eliminate the backlog of $23.5 million in deferred re- placement vehicles and to meet future needs.

respond to intrusions in rail right-of-ways, service and inspection yards, bus lots and garages, maintenance facilities, revenue collection facilities, public parking facilities and Metrobus stops. These vehicles must be replaced in order to maintain passenger and employee safety and security. Over the next ten years, MTPD plans to replace 1/3 of its

emergency vehicles to ensure sedans are replaced every three years due to heavy usage. Armored trucks and heavy-duty bomb squad trucks are replaced every seven years.

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 009: Service Vehicle Replacement CNI 104: Police Vehicle Replacement Total

$52.0 $11.4 $63.4

Replacement of Service Vehicles includes the following CNI projects:

Investment Category: Performance 33

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