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Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Performance – Fleet Maintenance Facilities Needs by Project Type ($1.2 Billion)






YOE, $ Millions

Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bus Garages

Maintenance of Bus Garages

Maintenance of Rail Yards

Rail Maintenance Facilities

Environmental Compliance Projects

38 Capital Needs Inventory

1,100 new and rehabilitated rail cars in the next decade, a new rail car testing and com- missioning facility is needed. This is discussed under Rail Maintenance Facilities.

As Metro’s maintenance facilities age and technology changes, capital investment in these facilities increases in degree and necessity. In addition, Metro must con- tinue to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations at all its facilities. The figure to the left shows Metro’s Performance - Fleet Maintenance Facilities needs ($1.2 billion over 10 years) by project type.

Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bus Garages ($488.6 Million)

Many of Metro’s oldest garages present operational challenges as the facilities were not designed for today’s bus configurations. These garages, some of which were originally designed as trolley barns, are not adequate to meet today’s bus mainte- nance and storage needs. To address this, Metro needs to replace and rehabilitate

these garages with modern, energy efficient facilities and equipment at a cost of

$488.6 million (see table below). These improvements respond to the 2005 APTA Peer Review of Metro’s bus operations and facilities that recommended Metro develop a facilities plan for its bus garages. Metro’s plans for bus garages that have outlived their useful lives were presented to the Metro Board in June 2009.

At Southern Avenue Bus Garage (built in 1928), the circulation aisle is too narrow to turn a bus into a repair bay in a single maneuver. Reconstruction of this garage will allow for more efficient bus movement within the facility, among many other improvements (CNI 084). At other facilities, replacement at alternate sites is more appropriate. These facilities present limitations due to the size and configuration of the garage and/or the amount of land area available for bus storage. Replacement of Bus Garages (CNI 085) provides Metro the opportunity to build new two facilities to replace the Royal Street Bus Garage in Alexandria and the Northern Bus Garage in DC at sites that allow for future expansion as needed. Metro also plans to replace the Southeastern Bus Garage that was sold to accommodate development near the Nationals baseball stadium with a new garage at DC Village (CNI 086).

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 085: Replacement of Additional Bus Garages CNI 084: Southern Avenue Bus Garage Replacement CNI 086: Southeastern Bus Garage Replacement* Total

$328.6 $110.0 $50.0 $488.6

Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bus Garages includes the following CNI projects:

*Additional project funding to come from the sale of Southeastern Bus Garage ($60 million) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 funds ($30 million).

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