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Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Maintenance of Bus Garages ($328.1 Million)

Strategic investments can extend a bus garage’s useful life so that the facility can continue to serve Metro for many years into the future. These investments allow Metro to move to a regular maintenance schedule for those bus garages not ad- dressed in Rehabilitation and Replacement of Bus Garages. Many of Metro’s bus garages have a long list of deferred capital needs, hampering the efficiency of bus

repair programs and decreasing employee morale. Improvements to correct these deficiencies total $328.1 million. Similar to the Rail System Infrastructure Reha- bilitation program, Metro will group bus garage maintenance work under three separate contracts to streamline procurement procedures, increase contractor pro- ductivity and minimize work interruptions at maintenance facilities. Metro’s Board was informed of this initiative in November 2008.

Bus Garage Facility Repairs Tier 1 (CNI 119) includes maintenance at Metro’s bus garages that are most in need of repair, including Western (64 years old), Northern (102 years old) and Landover (20 years old). Bus Facilities Tier 1 also includes maintenance at Metro support facilities: Revenue Collection Facility, Metro Supply Facility, Landover Open Storage, Blair Road Support Shop and the MTPD District 1 Substation. Although the substation is a new facility (built in 2007), minor repairs are anticipated near the end of the CNI time frame to keep the facility in good working condition. Bus Garage Facility Repairs Tier 2 (CNI 120) includes bus garages that have been in operation for 27 to 31 years. Bus Garage Facility Repairs Tier 3 (CNI 121) includes Metro bus garages that were recently renovated.

Specific bus garage improvements will vary depending on the age and condi- tion of each facility, including replacement of bus maintenance equipment,

installing additional in-ground bus lifts and automated bus cleaning systems


Many of Metro’s bus garages have a long list of deferred capital needs, hampering the efficiency of bus repair programs and decreasing employee morale.

rehabilitating wear surfaces and rehabilitating employee areas. At Metro’s Northern bus garage (Metro’s oldest, constructed in 1907), plans include ex- tending and upgrading 3 service bays to better accommodate articulated bus maintenance. An articulated bus uses a pivoting joint in the center to extend the bus length and passenger capacity, while still allowing it to turn on city streets. At 62-feet, articulated buses are considerably longer and require more maintenance and storage space than a standard Metrobus (37-feet or 42-feet). At Western bus garage, improvements will be made to bus service bays to im- p r o v e m a i n t e n a n c e c a p a c i t y a n d e l e c t r i c a l s y s t e m s w i l l b e r e p l a c e d , a m o n g

many other improvements. At Landover bus garage, improvements include rehabilitation of the dispatch booth and bus maintenance equipment, along

with replacement of the fire alarm system. Improvements address facility is- sues identified in the 2005 APTA Peer Review of Metro’s bus operations and facilities.

Investment Category: Performance 39

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