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CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 071: Test Track and Commissioning Facility




Rail Maintenance Facilities ($60.0 Million)

Metro needs to replace rail cars for the first time in its 30+ year history. Over the next decade, Metro capital needs include over 1,100 new and rehabilitated rail cars. Metro conducts extensive testing on each train before putting it into service. The testing and commissioning period for a pair of rail cars is typically sixty days. All on-board systems are tested as well as how the cars work with the Automatic Train Control System. The tests are performed under a variety of operating condi- tions that examine performance both within the normal operating range and at the l i m i t s o f t h a t r a n g e a n d i n c l u d e t e s t s o n a c c e l e r a t i o n a n d b r a k i n g , c o m m u n i c a -

tions, heating and cooling systems, lighting, signage and door controls.

Metro does not have a dedicated facility to do this work. Currently, testing and com- missioning of new trains is conducted at night during the short 4-hour window when the Metrorail system is closed. In the evenings, Metrorail track is shared with contrac-

tors, maintenance crews, and trains being moved for maintenance and staging for

the next day’s operations. Under these conditions, a maximum of 8-10 trains can be commissioned per month. This is not sufficient given the volume of trains that will be received through 2020. A new test track and commissioning facility will cost $60.0 million and will permit Metro to accept up to 20 cars per month. The facility will also be used for ongoing engineering analysis and enhancement to the rail fleet.

Rail Maintenance Facilities includes the following CNI project:

Environmental Compliance Projects ($36.8 Million)

Metro’s maintenance facilities house environmental systems that must operate properly to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regula- tions and to prevent expensive remediation programs and potential fines or shut- downs at maintenance facilities. These include vehicle fuel tanks and systems, storm water and wastewater pre-treatment systems, air emissions controls and other systems. This program includes the upgrade and replacement of existing systems within warranty periods and the installation of additional systems, totaling

$36.8 million through 2020.

Fleet Maintenance Facilities

Currently, testing and commis- sioning of new trains is conducted at night during the short 4-hour window when the Metrorail sys- tem is closed. This is not sufficient given the volume of trains that will be commissioned over the next ten years.

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 011: Underground Storage Tank Replacement CNI 010: Environmental Compliance Projects

$29.5 $7.3



Environmental Compliance Projects include the following CNI projects:

Investment Category: Performance 41

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