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Systems and Technology

Operations Support Software ($426 Million)

These projects cover software upgrades and other technology improvements that are essential to transit operations. Metro’s Operations Support Software program totals $426 million over the next 10 years including scheduling and dispatch software, on-board applications (for example, automatic bus fluid management), asset management systems, and the technology infrastructure needed to support these applications such as data centers and communication networks (see table below).

Rail operations support software includes upgrades to the Operations Control Center system that monitors train movement and expansion of the system to serve the new Dulles extension. Enhancements to Metrorail operating support software will improve the integration with other Metorail systems (for example, asset management and track work scheduling) and incorporate data from the new 7000-Series rail cars. Bus operations support software covers the deploy- ment of centralized, field and on-board applications such as automatic vehicle maintenance, fluid management, computer aided dispatch and automatic vehicle location systems. Metrobus and Metrorail operations both utilize as- set manage support software to track inventory and monitor the condition of assets. This software will be upgraded and new modules implemented in order to increase the efficiency of maintenance work. MTPD operations support soft- ware addresses the department’s records management system which needs to be upgraded to support dispatch, crime and response tracking.

Operations Support Software projects include enhanced technology infrastruc- t u r e t o m i n i m i z e s e r v i c e d i s r u p t i o n s . F o r e x a m p l e , M e t r o s d a t a c e n t e r s w i l l b e

upgraded to industry standards to improve reliability and avoid unnecessary failures. A network operations center will monitor system and network enter- prise health. In addition, telephone and wireless communication systems will be upgraded to avoid outages impacting transit operations and customer service.

Operations Support Software includes the following CNI projects:

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 056: Rail Operations Support Software CNI 045: Data Centers and Infrastructures CNI 043: Bus Operations Support Software CNI 052: Network and Communications CNI 053: Network Operations Center (NOC) CNI 042: Bus & Rail Asset Management Software CNI 051: Police Dispatch and Records Management Total

$147.6 $97.9 $74.4 $51.6 $26.8 $26.2 $1.6 $426.0

Operations Support Software projects include enhanced tech- nology infrastructure to minimize service disruptions. For example, Metro’s data centers will be upgraded to industry standards to improve reliability and avoid unnecessary failures.

Investment Category: Performance 43

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