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CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 073: Escalator Rehabilitation CNI 072: Elevator Rehabilitation Total

$177.8 $56.0 $233.8

elevators. Metro also strives to improve the safety and reliability of elevators and escalators by installing upgrades to comb plates, hand rail systems, controllers and drives, amongst other features. To increase the safety of elevators and escalators, Metro upgrades equipment, enhances lighting around assets, and produces advertising campaigns (e.g., the advertisement comparing escalators to alligators; see right).

Elevator/Escalator Facilities includes the following CNI projects:

Passenger Facilities

Maintenance of Rail Station Facilities ($133.9 Million)

The Station Enhancement Program was initiated in April 1991. The purpose of the Station Enhancement Program is to restore the appearance of stations. When the program started, the goal was to complete “major” enhancements at 10 stations per year which was subsequently increased to 12 stations per year. “Major” en- hancement tasks include pressure washing coffered ceilings and walls and painting interior surfaces that are not easily reachable (e.g., track bed grates). In July 2000, the program was expanded to include 12 “mini” enhancements. “Mini” enhance- ment tasks include cleaning masonry surfaces (e.g., passageways, trackbed walls, and exterior canopies), painting interior surfaces (e.g., fare gates, mezzanine and passageway ceiling tiles), repairing metal components (e.g., platform shelter, sta- tion doors, and drainage grates), repairing interior masonry surfaces (e.g., granite edge stones and paver tiles); painting exterior surfaces (e.g., parking lot light poles, bike racks/lockers, and parking booths), replacing station signs (e.g., on kiosks and trash receptacles), refinishing bus and station platform shelter benches, and pol- ishing bronze surfaces (e.g., on escalators). A “major” enhancement takes about 3 months while a “mini” enhancement takes about three weeks. By completing 12 “major” and 12 “mini” enhancements annually, the condition of each Metrorail station is restored every 3.75 years. The Station Enhancement Program work will be coordinated under the Rail System Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program.

The Parking Lot Preventive Maintenance Program provides for continuous reha- bilitation of Metro’s 21 parking garages and 29 surface lots. A program of regular sweeping and washdowns reduces the concentrations of corrosive road dirt and chemicals inside the structures. Under a preventive maintenance program, as- phalt parking lots will be routinely crack-sealed and treated to extend the life of the surfaces. Every five years, a sealing treatment will be applied to concrete

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