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Passenger Facilities

52 Capital Needs Inventory

pavement, concrete walkways, structural concrete slab surfaces and stairways to

prevent water and chemical penetration, which cause premature deterioration of the parking facilities. Periodic maintenance of parking signs and post would also be performed under the preventive maintenance program.

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 087: Station Enhancement Program CNI 075: Parking Lot Preventive Maintenance Total

$80.3 $53.6 $133.9

Maintenance of Rail Station Facilities includes the following CNI projects:

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities ($4.6 Million)

Over the next ten years, Metro needs $4.6 million to replace remaining Rack III style bike racks (see photo) that are in poor condition, are difficult to maintain and provide limited bike storage capacity. Many of these racks were installed when the Metrorail system opened. The program will also replace other racks that are structurally damaged and implement a locker replacement plan. This program will r e p l a c e u p t o 9 0 0 b i k e r a c k s . I t w i l l a l s o r e p l a c e b i k e l o c k e r s , m a n y o f w h i c h a l s o

are showing their age or are damaged, with an effective replacement that provides

the same features – secure, covered and guaranteed bike parking.

Replacement of bike racks and lockers on a regular basis will provide access to more people in the region, and effectively increases the “bike-shed,” or the distance that people will travel to and from each rail station. More cyclists traveling to and from each station also results in a safer travel environment around the station, which results in a feedback loop that will generate additional cyclist use of each station. Bicycling to a Metro station is becoming a more attractive option due to the increasing number of bike trails linked to stations. For example, the Washington, Ohio and Dominion Trail and Mount Vernon trails provide riders access to many Orange and Blue line stations in Virginia. New and enhanced trails, such as the improvements underway to the Metropolitan Branch Trail (from Union Station in the District of Columbia to Silver Spring, MD), will provide enhanced access to many Metro stations.

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 036: Replacement of Bicycle Racks & Lockers




Bicycles & Pedestrian Facilities includes the following CNI project:

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