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Maintenance Equipment

Under the Track Maintenance Equipment project, Metro re- habilitates and replaces heavy- duty track equipment including locomotives, tunnel washers, deicers, flat cars, tampers, prime movers, grinders, and cranes.

54 Capital Needs Inventory

include: “High Voltage,” “Fire Department,” “No Trespassing,” and “Danger.” Rail

track signage is essential for safe operations and emergency responses. Many signs throughout the rail system are approximately 30 years old and require replace- ment because they are damaged, deteriorated or obsolete. Under the Replacement of Rail Track Signage project, Metro plans to fabricate and install approximately

3,000 track markers and 500 fire and safety signs per year.

Track switch machines are the mechanical devices that move the steel rail so a train can move from one track to another. Metro’s rail system currently has 306 main line track switch machines which move track (“throws”) about 1,000 times per day. These devices will be regularly replaced under the Switch Machine Rehabilitation project thus improving the safety and reliability of the track in- terlocking infrastructure. This project will focus on maximizing the life of newly installed switch machines and the replacement of units based on years of number of “throws” and years in service.

Metro’s maintenance equipment needs include the procurement of a track ge- ometry vehicle used for track evaluation. A track geometry car passes over the steel rail measuring position, curvature, alignment of the track and smoothness.

This special rail car uses various sensors and auxiliary wheels for this purpose. The geometry vehicle can prevent safety and reliability problems by detecting track misalignments and faults. Currently, Metro has contracts with outside firms to do track geometry inspections twice a year, track flaw detection and lateral load testing. Purchasing this vehicle would allow for more frequent track inspections throughout the year, as well as testing all track repairs as they are completed.

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 025: Track Maintenance Equipment CNI 020: Replacement of Rail Track Signage CNI 027: Switch Machine Rehabilitation Project CNI 065: Geometry Vehicle Total

$129.8 $12.5 $11.1 $6.3 $159.7

Rail Maintenance Equipment includes the following CNI projects:

Rail Car Repair Equipment ($44.1 Million)*

Metro’s rail car maintenance shops use a variety of portable work equipment (e.g., generators and welding carts) and test equipment to maintain the rail car fleet. Metro’s inventory of rail car repair equipment includes 125 units of maintenance equipment, 48 units of shop test equipment and 15 units of shop machine equip- ment. To keep this equipment safe and reliable, Metro plans to annually replace the equipment that has reached the end of its life cycle. The total cost of this equipment is $44.1 million.

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